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Gunvor Singapore back for refinancing
20/04/2017 07:37:46

Gunvor Singapore is testing the appetite of its relationship banks for an $800 million refinancing of the one-year tranche on its 2016 $1.041 billion revolver. Although the deal has yet to be mandated, it will likely feature many of the same borrowers from the previous facility and, like last year, may be upped from the initial amount sought. ...

Oman bids due in May for coal IPP advisory
19 April 2017

Oman Power and Water Procurement Company (OPWP) is tendering for financial advisers to assist in procuring a coal-fired independent power producer (IP...

JBIC and NEXI to back Vinh Tan 3
18 April 2017

JBIC and NEXI have agreed to back state-owned Vietnam Electricity (EVN) in its bid to finance the purchase of a Toshiba turbine to be i...

Strong appetite for Rusal $2bn refinancing
17 April 2017

Amid a spate of high-profile borrowings out of Russia in recent weeks, one of the largest deals of this year could be set to close before the end of t...

Noor PV1 KfW loan nears close
17 April 2017

Acwa Power is nearing financial close on the KfW-backed element of its 170MW $225 million Noor PV1 project in Morocco. Noor PV1 comprises...

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Mafraq I and II: DFI debt and cheap tariffs
TXF Premium
Mafraq I and II: DFI debt and cheap tariffs
Max Thompson
7 April 2017

Solar developer FRV reached full financial close on DFI-backed financings last month to fund the construction of two of its four solar projects in Mafraq, Jordan. The highly competitive Round 2 tariffs made DFI-backing a must for both projects.

US Ex-Im in cuffs: Hall says it as it is
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US Ex-Im in cuffs: Hall says it as it is
Oliver O'Connell
6 April 2017

In a blunt welcome address on day one of US Ex-Im's annual conference, Charles Hall, acting US Ex-Im chairman and president, outlined the wider global context in which the official US agency finds itself and called for a return of all its functions to enable the US to meet global export challengers.


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