About us

What’s the story?

Once upon a time, among the dark towers of Deptford, 4 weary travelers founded a company.

Tired of working for big corporations, they went searching for something different. With a pinch of grit, determination and a dash of hard work, TXF was born.

A lot has changed since those formative days in 2013. TXF is now headquartered in Oval (London) and has a proper office with more than one room and a coffee machine. What’s more, that isn’t their only office. There are now over 50 talented and energetic employees working in various locations all around the globe.

But that’s enough about us

You’re here for a reason.

You are here because TXF has provided the export, trade and commodity finance communities with high-quality news, data, events and awards for the past 5 years.

Here, you can read in-depth news stories, thought-provoking publications and interviews with the sharpest minds in the market. You can attend conferences, round-tables and training that bring together experienced, senior professionals for intimate networking and debate. You can access data which will transform how you do business.

Every product we offer is formulated with one goal in mind - getting you what you need, whether that’s new contacts, industry updates or deal information.

And the one thing that hasn’t changed since that tiny flat in Deptford is that we’re continuing to innovate to ensure we always offer you something different.

TXF News

TXF Essentials is the market leader for in-depth news and analysis on trade, export and commodity finance
Essentials includes:
  • In depth analysis on the latest trends
  • Interviews with industry leaders
  • The most all-encompassing news summary in the market - if is it happening, we will track it
  • League tables and regional data breakdowns
  • Weekly CIRR review alert
  • Access to “FIT Zone” - interactive online network for those involved in the Financing of International Trade

TXF Events

Our events span the globe, and include large-scale international industry conferences, smaller region-focused events, niche ‘free-to-attend’ round-tables, and training.


TXF Financing International Trade (FIT) Zone

We didn’t want trade finance to feel left out. FIT (financing international trade) is TXF’s latest brainchild and innovative addition to the family. A subscription service with a difference, it combines premium news, webinars, podcasts and events to help you stay up to date with the fast-paced world of international trade.


TXF Data

TXF data is the most accurate and all encompassing insight into deal activity in the export finance market.

It has been specially structured for the unique characteristics of the export finance market and has become THE go to resource for benchmarking, business development, trend analysis and secondary market loan distribution.

See here for FURTHER DETAILS on TXF Data


Tagmydeals is a free online platform of public deal information, connecting professionals and their financial deals. All of the information is submitted by the teams working on those deals, ensuring all of the deal-data is transparent and unbiased. It’ll give you the perfect bird’s eye view of your industry.


Working hard and doing good

We like corporate responsibility. Not just because it’s a fancy bit of business jargon, but because it involves being nice and doing nice things.

Recently you may have noticed we are asking all corporates, such as exporters, borrowers and commodity traders to pay a small handling fee as part of their registration to our events. All of the proceeds from this fee are donated to a charitable cause, often to a charity active in the area where the event is taking place.

This allows TXF to ensure that not only are we all collectively doing a little bit to build a better world as we go about our business, but also building events that have a market-leading corporate representation.

Together we have raised over €26000 for the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), $18000 for St Baldrick’s Foundation, £9000 for CRY through a charity fund-raiser, £8000 for Mind UK selling hats and over £25000 for AbleChildAfrica at the London Marathon and via TXF event initiatives.