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Unit 1
Madeira Tower
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Rockefeller Center
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Beogradskog Bataljona 4, II floor
11030 Belgrade

For when you know what you want, what you really really want….Get to know us a little better and speak directly with one of our lovely departments, you can email:

e[email protected] for press releases, interview requests and anything news related

d[email protected] for reports, surveys, Tagmydeals and data tool questions

m[email protected] for branding, sponsorship, event and subscription enquiries

[email protected] for speaking opportunities, our latest agendas and event content

[email protected] for information on sponsorship, our services and group bookings

[email protected] for accommodation, logistics, travel, you know, the really important stuff for all of our events.

Not sure who to send your question to? Don’t worry we’ve got an address for that too: Email [email protected]