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TXF Essentials: The project and export finance package (includes export, agency, project, MFI/DFI Finance

For £1999

TXF Essentials: The trade and commodity finance package (includes trade, commodities, supply chain, treasury and cash management finance)

For £1999

What’s included in each package?

  • Events information

  • TXF weekly round up

  • 3 free Premium articles per month

  • Bespoke video interviews

TXF Premium News

Full access to TXF Premium News including exclusive interviews and alerts

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guest articles, blogs and special feature-length pieces.
TXF articles focus on the story behind the story, with a level of detail not found elsewhere.

The Chronicle

Over 100 pages of insightful, analytical long reads on the most interesting topics to hit all the industries covered, Delivered directly twice a year.

Online Deals Dashboard

A live online snapshot of the market showing deal flow, sectoral strength, structure, and geography.

Smart Data Search

Enhanced search with a range of market parameters to choose from to see the deals and the detailed deal information you need tabulated in just a few clicks.

Bi-annual Market Data Reports

Twice a year TXF compiles the data we collect into market reports covering

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Commodity Finance, ECA Finance, Country Risk and DFI Finance, with evaluation and commentary from TXF’s team of analysts.

CIRR End of Month

A monthly report on the status of the Commercial Interest Reference Rate to help you plan when pricing deals and laying out project timelines.

Essential Survey Findings

An executive summary of our exclusive surveys, providing you with the latest market sentiment including the:

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  • Exporters Survey

  • Export Finance Borrowers Survey

  • Project Developers Survey

  • TXF/ICC export Finance Industry survey

  • Commodity Trader’s Survey

  • Supply Chain Finance User Survey

Ensure your team has all the information they need

Are you interested in receiving the full TXF Essentials package covering all sectors or the corporate package available to your business? If so, contact Alex Sheriff for more information.

And for the real pros… All you can eat industry data straight to your desktop

Want more in-depth data? TXF 360 offers you full access to TXF Data, our premium data product which includes an Excel add-in as well as bespoke data reports. Contact Alfonso Olivas for more information.

Ask the Analyst

For quick answers on data related requests, email Alfonso Olivas and get a taste of what TXF Data has to offer…