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Going green: Will sustainable finance hit the commodities mainstream?
Going green: Will sustainable finance hit the commodities mainstream?
Callum Burroughs
23 January 2018

Sustainable financing in commodity trade finance has been slow to catch on. But adoption is now key for the market, with early movers in line to reap the benefits of better pricing and improved regard within the industry.

Mining for more margin
Mining for more margin
Callum Burroughs
17 January 2018

In conjunction with an uptick in industrial metals pricing, more mining companies are beginning to consider commodity trading for themselves.

African debt markets and the return of the IMF
African debt markets and the return of the IMF
Dr. Robert Besseling
16 January 2018

The year 2018 is unlikely to herald the start of a new African debt crisis, but it will augur an end to the boon of high-yielding African debt, as governments continue to increase their debt and to postpone its repayment through refinance. EXX Africa assesses the implications in its latest special report.

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Rockhopper nearer to UKEF deal
19 April 2018

UK-based oil and gas independent Rockhopper Exploration, with financial advisory from Portland Advisers, is near to mandating a lead arrange...

NNPC/SPDC RFP deadline set for end of the month
17 April 2018

Shell Petroleum Development Co (SPDC) and its joint venture partner Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) are out to the loan marke...

Gunvor Singapore out for annual refi
17 April 2018

Gunvor Singapore is out to banks with its annual refinancing - a $800 million revolving credit facility (RCF). The deal, which has a du...

Cocobod’s annual financing RFP deadlines extended
17 April 2018

Ghana Cocoa Board (Cocobod) has extended the deadline for responses to its recenntly issued RFP for its annual refinancing from 17 April to 26 Ap...

Gunvor Stargate bids due next week
13 April 2018

Gunvor will be closing the initial bidding on its 1.5m cubic metres storage capacity Stargate Oil Terminal in Rotterdam on 20 April. Stargate was a...

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Commodity Trade Finance MLA Full year 2017

Bank USDm No %
1 Natixis 11170m 53 10.6%
2 Société Générale 8033m 45 7.6%
3 ING Bank 7386m 76 7%
4 Deutsche Bank 4510m 24 4.3%
5 UniCredit 4334m 34 4.1%
6 Rabobank 3989m 43 3.8%
7 BNP Paribas 3783m 36 3.6%
8 ABN AMRO 3608m 41 3.4%
9 Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MUFG) 3479m 30 3.3%
10 Mizuho 3071m 25 2.9%

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