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China’s Cofco ups the ante with sustainability-linked loan
China’s Cofco ups the ante with sustainability-linked loan
Jonathan Bell
24 July 2019

Cofco has signed the largest loan for an agri trading company yet which is linked to sustainability elements. Jonathan Bell examines this growing trend within agri-finance and importantly, how the Chinese trader is helping to push for increased traceability of soy beans.

Risky business: China trade turns inward
Risky business: China trade turns inward
Katharine Morton
23 July 2019

In the third of this series of Risky Business podcasts Coriolis Technologies CEO Rebecca Harding talks to TXF’s Katharine Morton about how it’s not all about trade wars for China trade, but it doesn’t help.

TXF Commodities Amsterdam 2019: Mizuho on balancing risk and reward
TXF Commodities Amsterdam 2019: Mizuho on balancing risk and reward
Aife Howse
18 July 2019

At TXF Amsterdam, Marc Smallcombe, senior director energy and commodities at Mizuho, talks about growth of business in Russia, the challenges of blockchain and why the Japanese bank is benefiting from its low cost of funding.

TXF Originals

Olam sounds out banks for annual RCF refi
18 September 2019

Olam International is currently sounding out banks for its annual RCF refinancing. The self-arranged club deal is expected to between $1.5 billion and...

Keliber to sign offtake for lithium mining project by year-end
17 September 2019

Sponsors of Keliber’s €230 million ($253 million) mining and lithium production project in Finland – Nordic Mining, a subsidiary of K...

Ghana's Cocobod shaves price on annual PXF
16 September 2019

Ghana's Cocobod has closed its annual pre-export receivables-backed trade finance facility of $1.3 billion – its second international borrow...

Ternium closes $500m PXF
15 September 2019

Ternium Brasil – a subsidiary of Argentine steelmaker Ternium – has closed a $500 million five-year pre-export financing (PXF).Signed on 9...

Shenzhen Jiangtong sounds out banks for RCF
11 September 2019

Shenzhen Jiangtong, the financial leasing arm of China’s state-owned Jiangxi Copper Corporation, is out to banks for a $100 million unsecured re...

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Commodity Trade Finance Lender H1 2019

Bank USDm No %
1 ING Bank 5589m 44 6.6%
2 BNP Paribas 5464m 36 6.5%
3 Societe Generale 5166m 38 6.1%
4 ABN AMRO 3571m 26 4.2%
5 MUFG Bank 3285m 23 3.9%
6 Natixis 3279m 32 3.9%
7 Citi 3120m 17 3.7%
8 Credit Agricole CIB 2775m 26 3.3%
9 Rabobank 2589m 27 3.1%
10 Deutsche Bank 2290m 16 2.7%

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