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Charging up: The bittersweet copper price rally
Charging up: The bittersweet copper price rally
Aife Howse
19 May 2021

Copper prices have surged to a decade-long high off the back of demand from a global green industrial revolution. But with the potential of new supply masked by uncertainty, could prices jump to the point of hinderance to the Paris Climate Agreement?

Fallout of Suez blockage brings trail of claims
Fallout of Suez blockage brings trail of claims
Jonathan Bell
13 May 2021

The Ever Given container ship has been ‘arrested’ and the Egyptian authorities are demanding massive compensation. And with the Japanese owners of the ship declaring ‘general average’ there is now a virtual minefield for shippers and insurers to navigate. We explore some of the potential issues.

Trade digitisation: Testing the secret sauce
Trade digitisation: Testing the secret sauce
Katharine Morton
6 May 2021

Has the secret sauce to trade digitisation been discovered in MLETR and is it something that will get over a decade of industry fatigue on the subject? Will the trade industry be able to get the sauce out of the bottle, will everyone like the same sauce, will they need to?

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More leave Mizuho's syndicated finance team
26 July 2021

Mizuho’s director for its Asia syndicated finance department, Joey Mak, is leaving the bank after 14 years. Likewise, Christina Pang, a vice pre...

DBS Bank makes senior management changes in GTS
26 July 2021

DBS Bank has announced changes at the helm of its global transaction services (GTS) team. Lim Soon Chong will replace John Laurens as head of GTS. Lim...

Hall moves to Willis from Liberty Specialty Markets
23 July 2021

Chris Hall has moved to Willis Towers Watson to become executive director, financial solutions. He will be credit and political risk business developm...

Emerging Capital Management Partners set up in Dubai
16 July 2021

Three industry stalwarts have set up Emerging Capital Management Partners, a boutique corporate finance house with a focus on emerging markets, based ...

Atradius promotes Hartery to senior underwriter
13 July 2021

Atradius has promoted Ruby Hartery to senior underwriter, heading up the retail and services team, located at the trade credit insurer’s UK head...

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Commodity Trade Finance Lender 2021

Bank USDm No %
1 ING Bank 3999m 19 12.9%
2 BNP Paribas 3879m 10 12.6%
3 Credit Suisse 1782m 8 5.8%
4 Citi 1760m 9 5.7%
5 Standard Chartered 1343m 6 4.3%
6 HSBC 1143m 9 3.7%
7 Scotia Bank 1121m 4 3.6%
8 Mizuho 1073m 4 3.5%
9 Natixis 953m 10 3.1%
10 Rabobank 855m 9 2.8%

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