India’s economic ‘Modification’ still not delivering on ECA finance

Despite India’s massive size and forecasts that it could challenge China as the world’s growth engine within a decade, uptake of export credit in the country continues to disappoint. Helen Castell reports.

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Comments (1)

  • William Laraque
    William Laraque, US-International Trade Services 27 January 2016

    In reading this visionless view of the role of ECAs, I fealt like Cyrano wishing to order Monfleury off the stage for a month. Are we to believe in the second decade of the 21st century that the role of ECAs is limited to supporting fossil fuel projects in India or anywhere else? While this article was being published, President Hollander of France was inaugurating a huge solar project outside of Delhi. The problem with ECAs is the imposition of limited vision and political ideology on a growing realization on the part of the developing world that it possesses sun, wind...and brains.

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