Top 10 tips for a successful SCF programme

As corporates turn in greater number to supply chain finance to optimise their working capital, the best practice on this vital treasury tool continues to grow. Doug Schoch, a Vice President at Siemens in North America, one of the early-adopters of SCF, shares with TXF his top 10 tips for executing a successful SCF programme.

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Comments (2)

  • Douglas  Schoch
    Douglas Schoch, Siemens 24 July 2016

    I look forward to a dynamic exchange of ideas and best practices on the topic of Supply Chain Finance at the TXF School of Supply Chain Finance in Frankfurt. A top ten list is an excellent place to begin, but is is a bare beginning. Bring your questions, concerns and insights with you and share them with your colleagues as we help one another become better educated and better equipped to execute successful Supply Chain Finance programs.

  • William Laraque
    William Laraque, US-International Trade Services 20 July 2016

    This education and the educational programs of TXF in global trade and SCF are especially critical at a moment in time when demagogues are deliberately blurring the lines between mutually beneficial global trade and globalization.

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