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13 October 2020

Huemul: A taste of DFI debt

The Huemul renewable financing in Chile - the second phase of Mainstream's Andes Renovables portfolio of wind and solar projects - has significant DFI backing despite its...

07 October 2020

FEX and MENA: Passing on knowledge and sustainability

The younger generation of the export finance community is yet to hold the keys to the ECA manor. And with much of the knowledge and talent in the industry (and deal...

07 September 2020
Oil & gas

Mozambique LNG: Turning up the LNG funding tap

The Mozambique LNG project raised the project finance benchmark for large-scale schemes after it closed amid the Covid-19 crisis with a surprising tenor given the volume...

13 May 2020
Oil & gas

Stuck in the great oil game!

The oversupply of crude oil coupled with the massive fall in demand due to Covid-19 has led historically low prices. What is the impact of this and who are the winners...

27 April 2020

Keynote: Berne Union’s President and Secretary General, certain about uncertainty

Beatriz Reguero, President, and Vinco David, Secretary General, of Berne Union, the global export credit and investment insurance industry association, discuss the...

27 February 2020

The great project debt puzzle

The aspirations of the EU Green Deal and the bloc's adoption of CRD IV are contradictions that leave lenders and borrowers confused - and more significantly a potential...

14 January 2020

US Exim fully reauthorised - but the Middle East gets turned upside down

At long last US Exim has got the mandate that US exporters have been crying out for. But, asks Jonathan Bell, will the recent events in Iraq and the troubles with Iran...

24 July 2019

China’s Cofco ups the ante with sustainability-linked loan

Cofco has signed the largest loan for an agri trading company yet which is linked to sustainability elements. Jonathan Bell examines this growing trend within...

25 January 2019
Infrastructure, Renewables, Transport

Latin infra debt: Adjusting the risk balance

Two deals have cast a long shadow in capital markets financing for infrastructure in Latin America, but governments are starting to look beyond them. Is the Latin infra...

19 December 2018
Infrastructure, Power, Renewables, Waste and water

Winds of change filter in

The recent UN climate change conference COP24 gave us all a stark reality check on where we are in terms of trying to do something to save this planet. It’s a massive...

11 December 2018

Shop talk: Hermes reflects on Russia and 'click and cover' for SMEs

While the ripple effect of sanctions is still creating uncertainty around new Russian business, German exporter and lender confidence is returning to the region. TXF...

28 November 2018

Finding sense and sensibility in global commodities

Making sense of the bigger picture of the state of the global commodity markets is no easy task. But here, Jonathan Bell meets up with a long-time friend and real...

21 September 2018

Benin: Project finance opportunities face rising contract risk

A booming economy and improved governance are creating fresh opportunities for project finance deals in Benin. But while the economic and financial outlook is relatively...

12 September 2018
Agri/Soft Commodities, Chemicals/Petrochemicals, Infrastructure, Manufacturing & equipment, Metals and Mining, Oil & gas, Power, Renewables, Telecoms and Communications, Transport, Waste and water

Africa and China – reinforcing the ties that bind

China is putting more major funds and resources in place to further cement trade and investment ties with Africa, but asks Jonathan Bell is this sustainable and what are...

26 July 2018

Back of the net: The stated goals of export finance

TXF's third export finance podcast of 2018 discusses the industry goals of five export finance practitioners over the coming years.

26 June 2018
Agri/Soft Commodities, Infrastructure, Manufacturing & equipment, Metals and Mining, Oil & gas, Power, Renewables, Telecoms and Communications, Transport, Waste and water

Private wealth: Bridging the infrastructure and trade gaps?

On paper the demand should be there – a mix of low default short tenor and long tenor assets make trade and infrastructure a logical mix for private wealth investors. But...

01 June 2018

Can export finance be a ‘force for good’? New TXF podcast released

TXF's second export finance podcast of 2018 asks whether the industry is, or can be, a force for good? This is the final discussion before our 2018 live show at TXF...

01 August 2017
Oil & gas, Transport

Bridging the gap: Exporters look elsewhere as US Ex-Im is unable to provide

US Ex-Im has been without authority to approve transactions above $10 million for over 18 months, provoking huge changes for some of Ex-Im’s largest clients. However,...

31 May 2017

TXF Africa talk: Siemens on electrifying sub-Saharan Africa

We caught up with Rotimi Thomas, head of market development in sub-Saharan Africa for Gas 2 Power, to talk about how Siemens can work closer with ECAs and project...

17 March 2017

Do green bonds equal clean?

The power of ‘green’ has ballooned in the past decade, as investors look for responsible ways to invest. People are catching wind of the opportunities for investment in...