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25 May 2017

Forever bursting bubbles: Calling a top in infrastructure valuations

The sheer volume of equity chasing infrastructure assets is pushing up valuations. But debt markets have a much more limited role in driving them up. Is the infra market...

10 May 2017

Perfect 10 Virgin Voyages: Cruising without the bruising - a TXF ECA/project finance Deal of the Year

$2.2 billion of ECA-covered non-recourse debt for a start-up cruise line – the Virgin Voyages deal is SACE at its export support best.

09 May 2017

Northland Power: Gemini and beyond

80bp saved on the margin and minimal costs compared to a new money refinancing, the restructuring of the Gemini offshore wind deal vindicates Northland Power’s original...

08 May 2017

US LNG: Golden Pass or slippery baton?

Regulatory progress in US LNG has continued to be strong. But doubts about the economics of exports – and the legal underpinnings of supply contracts remain.

27 April 2017

TXF Development Finance Report: Europe attracts most funding

TXF Data has released its inaugural Development Finance Report, covering the activities of all of the main multilateral development finance institutions. The results may...

27 April 2017

Today: Exclusive supply chain finance webinar

TXF is hosting a free supply chain finance webinar today. The webinar looks at Tungsten’s partnership with Orbian that will allow the e-invoicing company to offer early...

25 April 2017

Abiba Solar: A different approach to African power finance

Access Power’s crowd-sourced approach to development and InfraCo’s use of convertible debt may have set a new template for development and financing in Africa’s power...

24 April 2017

Bermuda Airport: A departure from the project norm

Awarded to Aecon as a PPP concession with the Canadian Commercial Corporation as an intermediary, and financed via the US private placement market, the Bermuda Airport...

21 April 2017

Out of kilter: Non-bank SCF providers need revenue growth

Supply chain finance pure-play providers' use of traditional fee models is causing revenue to be far smaller than increases in new business volumes would suggest. Should...

10 April 2017

Solar flair: Liberty’s Luning a new twist on tax equity

A new tax equity structure might increase US utilities’ ability to own US renewables assets – but only if regulators agree.

01 March 2017

Is China serious about infra PPP?

The Chinese government says it wants to attract meaningful amounts of private capital to new infrastructure development. Both PPP and market structures make that...

24 February 2017

Leviathan: Cash, gas and a political thrash

Israel’s Delek Group overcomes political interference to close its largest upstream bank financing to date.

10 February 2017

SNIB or snub?: The viability of a new Scottish development bank

Scotland’s unique PPP procurement method found favour with the private sector, but not with Eurostat. With an audit of the scheme looming, Scotland is searching for new...

03 February 2017

Chrysaor buying spree bodes well for reserves-based lenders

Even with low oil prices, North Sea reserves are still changing hands. But sellers and buyers are having to get creative to get banks comfortable and make deals happen.

31 January 2017

Fadhili CHP: Cheap debt but not what Aramco is used to

With a smaller-than-expected commercial bank tranche, the $1.05 billion partially ECA-backed debt package for the Fadhili CHP project demonstrates some of the collateral...

30 January 2017

ECAs and offshore wind: From backstop to bonus

With costs down and technology improving, some argue ECA support for European offshore wind is actually distorting debt pricing in a market that could be commercially...

27 January 2017

Some of those annoying technical issues in trade finance

Associates of Sullivan & Worcester LLP warn about the underlying complexity of drawing up an insurance policy and the importance of securing lenders’ interests.

26 January 2017

New tap: Japan outbound looks beyond JBIC for liquidity

Japanese life companies and smaller banks could become a key element in Japan’s effort to maintain its presence in overseas markets.

18 January 2017
Metals and Mining

Undermining: Funds making inroads into mid-level mining project debt market

Is the fund-backed debt package for Continental’s Buriticá gold mine project symptomatic of a growing alternative to traditional project lenders in the mid-level mining...

23 December 2016

The year in project finance: Business as usual, despite the headwinds

The end of the year really shouldn't have the significance it does. In the US, the calendar year coincides with the tax year, meaning that there are some powerful...