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20 July 2022

Summer steps forward for US and global trade digitisation: Prepare to swoon?

Is the temperature dial turning on global trade digitisation with the latest moves in the US for UCC amendments that can be adopted at a state level? How is this moving...

06 May 2021

Trade digitisation: Testing the secret sauce

Has the secret sauce to trade digitisation been discovered in MLETR and is it something that will get over a decade of industry fatigue on the subject? Will the trade...

28 October 2019

Expert briefing: Do you know where your money is?

Ann Rutledge, CEO of CreditSpectrum, reflects on the graveyards of ABCP and looks at the dangers of the debt capital markets’ obsessive fixation on origination and...

14 August 2019

Key trends revealed in TXF’s H1 2019 export finance report

The TXF half-year 2019 export finance report shows a bullish start to the year in the power sector, Japan’s JBIC coming in as top direct lender and the US and Australia...

07 November 2018
Agri/Soft Commodities, Infrastructure, Metals and Mining, Oil & gas, Power, Renewables, Telecoms and Communications, Transport, Waste and water

China at a crossroads of international openness

China is hosting the world’s first international import expo. Jonathan Bell examines the development in what could be the start of a new era of trade focus for the...

18 May 2018

Identity cheques

Could a 20-digit LEI number help banks cut their KYC and compliance costs while narrowing the SME trade finance gap? Yes – but not until regulators get behind it.

03 April 2018

Putting a squeeze on fees

The Ripple versus SWIFT PR campaign appears to have backfired. But whatever the outcome of this rather artificial headline generator, one thing looks certain –...

19 February 2018

Gearing up trade finance for SMEs

Brian Edmondson, global head of trade and working capital finance at Finastra, outlines how government initiatives, a drive to digitise and a new spirit of collaboration...

08 January 2018

Blockchain in trade: are we missing the point?

Amid the hype around blockchain, is the market losing sight of what the technology can really do for trade finance – and what it can’t?

05 December 2017

Defining a trade finance fund strategy

Trade finance funds looking to attract capital from big-ticket institutional investors must provide more clarity about their strategies and where they sit within the...

20 November 2017

Trad tech or trade tech?

As corporate demands for faster, more seamless services put banks under pressure to digitise, traditional trade financiers face an uphill struggle caused by their own...

17 November 2017

LCs: An outdated concept?

The shift to open account trade continues to raise question marks over the future and relevance of traditional letters of credit (LCs).

03 November 2017

Corti Wind: A step nearer to non-recourse for Argentina’s RenovAR

Pampa Energia guaranteed the first international financing for a project under Argentina’s RenovAR programme. But the hybrid project structure is strong enough to support...

18 October 2017

Book Launch: The Weaponization of Trade

Rebecca and Jack Harding, authors of upcoming book ‘The Weaponization of Trade’, outline how trade is fast becoming a tool of foreign policy aggression, why a rise in the...

12 October 2017

Trade funds: Know your potential investor base

Robert Kowit, senior vice-president and product specialist at Federated Investors, is finding investor appetite for trade finance assets from some unexpected quarters.

28 September 2017

Cash in a cold banking climate

While their contribution to trade finance remains tiny compared with that of traditional banks, trade finance funds are an increasingly critical provider of liquidity,...

23 June 2017

Expanding the client base: HSBC gets socially networked

A free ‘social network’ that HSBC launched this month to help connect international buyers and suppliers could help the bank win more trade finance business once a broad...

08 June 2017

Networking the networks

The first open-source blockchain-powered platform for trade finance – TradeIX’s founders claim it is a unique network-of-networks solution

10 May 2017

Cyber security: More than just tech

Andrew Taylor, CEO of BeCyberSure, explains why investing in people, processes and governance offers treasurers a better defence against cyber-attacks than technology,...

08 May 2017

Rhodium Resources: An SCF convert

Cheam Hing Lee, CEO and founder of Singapore-based Rhodium Resources, was not a fan of supply chain finance (SCF) until he started his own commodity trading company five...