The Global Commodity Trade Finance Industry 2020 Report

The commodity trade industry is going through a tumultuous period. Unexpected high-profile fraud cases, disruption to supply chains caused by COVID-19, the cessation of Libor at the end of 2021 and the looming implementation of Basel IV are just a few of the hurdles business leaders are expected to navigate over the years ahead.

Much has been written on the uncertainty surrounding the market over the last 6 months but very little primary research has actually been conducted to understand market sentiment from the inside…until now.

TXF Research’s Commodity Trade Finance Industry Market Report 2020 compiles direct feedback from over 130 survey respondents into the issues mentioned above and more. Our 80 page report is the most in-depth research currently available to organisations in the commodity trade industry and is a must-read for financial institutions, lawyers, borrowers and traders alike.

Industry insights in the full report include;

* Sustainability: climate change or climate colonialism?
* Getting to grips with compliance and regulation
* Securities Financing Transactions Regulations (SFTR)
* The impact of Covid-19 on the commodity trade finance banks
* A forensic look at the commodity trade finance banks 
* Potential impact of alternative finance options
* An insight into the traders’ and producers’ world
* The commodity trade finance banking heatmap

About TXF Research

TXF Research provides the most detailed market insights into the export, commodity and trade finance industries available. Using an in-depth and robust methodology that combines quantitative trends with thought provoking qualitative insights, TXF Research creates unique proprietary data and analysis based on primary sources.

If you would like to purchase a copy of the full report or to find out more about TXF Research please email [email protected].