Sustainability in Export Finance 2020

TXF Intelligence is proud to publish it's 2nd annual Sustainability in Export Finance report. By combining closed deal data with market sentiment, this report paints the most detailed picture of sustainability in export finance so far.

Download your free copy today for exclusive data and expert opinion from;

1. Hacina Py, Global Head of Export Finance and Head of Impact Finance Solutions, Societe Generale who tells us why Sustainable development is in the DNA of export finance and what Societe Generale are doing to reach the top of the sustainable deals league table.

2. Richard Simon-Lewis, Director & Head of Business Development, Marketing & Communications, UK Export Finance explains how UKEF has been dealing with sustainable finance in the age of COVID

3. TXF Market data analysis including a closer look at which regions, industries and lender types are embracing sustainable deals more than others.

4. A full write up of recent findings from market research conducted by TXF on 113 respondents from banks, ECAs, exporters and buyers on questions relating to sustainable finance including knowledge of the leading frameworks to measure activity and the perceived challenges to monitoring sustainability KPIs.

About TXF Intelligence

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