TXF ECA Finance Online Training

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01 January 2021

TXF ECA Finance Online Training

Jan 1 - Dec 29, 2023

ECA Finance Training Online is now available exclusively to TXF Subscribers!

In these unprecedented times it is vital to keep in touch with the industry and use this time to expand our knowledge. That’s why TXF and CC solutions are pleased to bring you an online version of our renowned ECA Finance Training course, as part of the virtual TXF Events365 Membership. Find out what else is included in the membership here!

Our ECA Finance Training course has become one of the most prestigious in the industry. Now in its fifth year and having helped over 250 attendees, it provides an incredibly thorough knowledge of ECA Financing, plus an in-depth examination of the entire process of completing a successful export finance transaction.

In partnership with CC Solutions hosted via our interactive online portal, you can access the course when ever you need and revisit tricky subjects as many times as you want. The online course introduces the practical and theoretical elements of different products, policies and applications with real-life examples from senior professionals. To complement the 12 online modules, your course tutor will be in touch to arrange 1:1 support, and test yourself after each module so you get focused information which you can apply directly in your role. Please note the training takes places in English.


Lenders/ ECAs/Financial institutions/Financial Advisors | To gain a greater knowledge of rules & requirements, how to avoid common pitfalls and misunderstandings that can strain relationships with customers

Exporters/Suppliers/OEMs/EPCs |  To understand how ECA finance impacts the EPC process from RPFs through to procurement cycle, learn how to accurately assess eligible content for your buyers, and avoid costly problems during the spend cycle that relate to misunderstanding eligibility.  

Corporates/Sponsors/Borrowers/Sovereigns | Understand the approval process, compare eligibility requirements among ECAs, study how to maximise ECA financing value, and grasp the myriad tasks necessary to effectively disburse and administer these transactions.

Legal teams | To understand the impacts of ECA financing on credit agreements and be able to better advise clients on compliance as well as understand potential problems commonly found in ECA transactions.

Looking for in-person training? Find out more about our ECA Finance Training coming to Lisbon this 9 & 10 June - visit the dedicated website here.

Meet our expert speakers

Francisco Anzola
Francisco Anzola
CC Solutions/Finpliance


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