ECA Finance in Germany

Oct 9, 2014
As an export finance professional it was a pleasure to be part of this conference first time located in Frankfurt. An excellent platform to do networking with the support of professional and creative moderators. The best conference tailored made for Germany I ever attended after the one organized in Paris by you guys.
Martine Jany
Export Finance Germany, Switzerland and Austria
Société Générale

Our approach

With Dialog der Wirtschaft having taken place this year, we wanted to ensure we were offering something substantially different, and useful to the market. As such, we believe that a standard panel and presentation-based conference was not enough. 

Instead, TXF hosted a one day event which encouraged small group activities, majority participation and mixes detailed briefings with discussion-based ‘idea labs'.


This event was capped at 80 people (max 2 per institution) making it the only event in the market where there was a clear 50/50 split of exporters and borrowers to financiers.

The smaller style event enabled all stakeholders - ECAs, development banks, exporters and banks; to feel comfortable airing their views, discussing challenges, and shaping the ideas that will continue to drive the industry forward

All exporters and borrowers attended free of charge.

Senior representatives from the following companies were registered:


Event enquiries

Phone: +49 69 298 9100

Email: [email protected]

Why attend

ECA Finance in Germany

Oct 9, 2014
AKA Bank, Germany

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