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International Financial Sanctions: How is the landscape changing?
International Financial Sanctions: How is the landscape changing?
Leigh Hansson
20 November 2018

International businesses are facing a more challenging and perilous sanctions environment. Brett Hillis and Leigh Hansson, partners at Reed Smith, discuss key sanctions regimes in Russia and Iran, as well as the long-reach of US sanctions, Brexit, and the uncertainties raised by the EU Blocking Regulation.

Funding in a frosty climate
Funding in a frosty climate
Daniel Pembrey
19 November 2018

With many European banks having reduced exposures, small- and mid-size traders are turning to new sector specific funds or small regional banks for financing – but at a cost. What does it take to defrost liquidity and survive in a global commodity market that has become increasingly dominated by a select few?

Commodity logistics boosted by increasing digitisation
Commodity logistics boosted by increasing digitisation
Jonathan Bell
14 November 2018

Great strides are now being made in enhancing commodity logistics through the use of blockchain in commodity shipments. Jonathan Bell explores some of the recent developments.

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IIG Trade Finance faces redemption trouble
21 December 2018

IIG Trade Finance’s fund is having troubles with a number of redemptions, according to market observers. However, it is unclear w...

BAF Capital confirms winding down of trade finance fund
20 December 2018

BAF Capital has confirmed the closure of one of its trade financing funds, BLTFF. The collective investment scheme provided short-term secured trade f...

Russian Copper closes PXF refi with tighter pricing
19 December 2018

Russian Copper Company signed a $250 million pre-export finance (PXF) facility on 14 December to refinance its existing ...

Petrobras Oil and Gas secures $1.8bn RBL
18 December 2018

Petrobras Oil and Gas (POG) closed a six-year $1.8 billion reserve-based lending facility (RBL) on 6 December. The proceeds will refinance a...

MET Group launches €700m RCF
17 December 2018

MET Group, a Switzerland-based energy trader, has launched a one-year €700 million ($794 million) revolving credit facility (RCF). The club ...

TXF Data

Export & Agency Finance MLA Full year 2018

Bank USDm No %
1 Santander 11721m 48 14.3%
2 BNP Paribas 7643m 32 9.3%
3 HSBC 5424m 37 6.6%
4 Credit Agricole CIB 5203m 27 6.3%
5 Société Générale 4758m 21 5.8%
6 Deutsche Bank 3198m 14 3.9%
7 Natixis 2957m 8 3.6%
8 ING Bank 2591m 34 3.2%
9 KfW IPEX-Bank 2433m 12 3%
10 Credit Suisse 2185m 3 2.7%

Commodity Trade Finance MLA Full year 2018

Bank USDm No %
1 ING Bank 10005m 73 8.7%
2 Natixis 6923m 29 6%
3 BNP Paribas 6584m 36 5.7%
4 MUFG Bank 5366m 29 4.7%
5 ABN AMRO 4614m 37 4%
6 Société Générale 4128m 37 3.6%
7 Rabobank 4011m 32 3.5%
8 Deutsche Bank 3866m 20 3.4%
9 UniCredit 3660m 28 3.2%
10 Standard Chartered 3568m 21 3.1%

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