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ECAs characters in action: In viro veritas 2
ECAs characters in action: In viro veritas 2
Katharine Morton
18 March 2020

There’s been a lot of activity behind the scenes at ECAs amid the abrupt systemic shock of Coronavirus. Some have been faster, and some more transparent communicators, than others. Is it a judge of character? TXF looks at the degrees of action in the market and applauds those taking steps to help SMEs and smaller businesses. After all, it’s the sector many profess to want to support in times of need, and now is a great opportunity.

Shop talk: Ashurst keeps cool as corporate debt restructuring heats up
Shop talk: Ashurst keeps cool as corporate debt restructuring heats up
Aife Howse
17 March 2020

During a volatile time for global trade and the commodities market amid the coronavirus pandemic, TXF spoke to Jean Woo, partner at Ashurst in Singapore, to discuss how the law firm is staying abreast of the legal requirements facing its corporate clients as many of them look to restructure their debt.

Keynote: Discussing necessary evils with Linde
Keynote: Discussing necessary evils with Linde
Katharine Morton
16 March 2020

Linde’s head of export and project finance, Gernot Bruch says international banks are no longer seeing his transactions as a ‘necessary evil’. There are other necessary evils (and benign things) to discuss with TXF – the return of US Exim, the inexorable rise of sustainability issues, the OECD Consensus, Russia business amid sanctions, and, of course his thoughts about Coronavirus.

TXF Originals

Cogswell joins Portland Advisers
27 March 2020

Ian Cogswell has been made a senior adviser at Portland Advisers. He will work on projects in the energy sector, which will include oil and gas, as we...

AdP prices bond
27 March 2020

Despite the privatisation of Aeroports de Paris (AdP) having been put on hold earlier this month due to the “instability of the markets”, ...

CCECC mandates arrangers for Regiotram loan
27 March 2020

China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC) has mandated MUFG to arrange at least $300 million in loans for its 39.6 km Regiotram Occiden...

Jawa 9&10 coal-fired plant nears signing
27 March 2020

Sponsors of the 2x1000MW Jawa 9 and 10 ultra-supercritical coal-fired power project in Indonesia – PLN-owned Indonesia Power (51%) and Barito Pa...

Engie raises €2.5bn from bond issue
27 March 2020

Engie has raised €2.5 billion of bond financing for a wide range of renewables projects. The financing comprises a five-year €1 billion seni...

TXF Data

Export & Agency Finance Lender H1 2020

Bank USDm No %
1 Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (SMBC) 630m 2 22.4%
2 Mizuho 535m 2 19%
3 MUFG Bank 515m 1 18.3%
4 Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank (SMTB) 515m 1 18.3%
5 ING Bank 194m 3 6.9%
6 BBVA 133m 1 4.7%
7 ANZ (Australia and New Zealand Banking Group) 75m 1 2.7%
8 Santander 73m 1 2.6%
9 Citi 50m 1 1.8%
10 HSBC 35m 1 1.2%

Commodity Trade Finance Lender H1 2020

Bank USDm No %
1 ING Bank 772m 7 5.6%
2 UniCredit 681m 5 5%
3 Société Générale 588m 4 4.3%
4 JP Morgan 588m 5 4.3%
5 Bank of China 466m 2 3.4%
6 Standard Chartered 450m 2 3.3%
7 Rabobank 422m 3 3.1%
8 Credit Suisse 399m 4 2.9%
9 China Construction Bank Corporation 368m 3 2.7%
10 MUFG Bank 368m 3 2.7%

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