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14 June 2024

Sullivan law: ESG – An overview of what we are seeing and things to look out for

In this trade & export finance webinar, Mark Norris, Partner, and Daniela Barrdear, Counsel, examine the continued rise of social and governance issues looking at the...

13 June 2024

The TXF Export Finance Survey pt 2: Geopolitical turmoil

All geopolitical crises are not alike. The issues affecting the market in 2023 may have profound macroeconomic effects, but they have limited direct impacts on export...

05 June 2024
Agri/Soft Commodities, Metals and Mining, Oil & gas

Takeaways from the tea-party: TXF Amsterdam 2024

The 10th edition of the TXF Amsterdam Global Commodity Finance event has now passed, but what were the biggest talking points? Read on for the latest updates on growth in...

04 June 2024

The TXF Export Finance Survey pt 1: Not feeling it quite yet

The macro environment is still a little unsettled. So the industry is not completely willing to accept the good news on transaction volumes.

03 June 2024

Talking trade and teamwork with ECIC acting CEO Maphula

TXF's Ralph Ivey speaks to ECIC acting CEO Ntshengedzeni Gilbert Maphula as part of the build-up to this year's edition of the TXF Global Export, Agency and Project...

31 May 2024

Keynote: US Ex-Im Chair Lewis, don’t wait for business to come to you

In advance of her appearance at TXF Global in Athens, Reta Jo Lewis, President and Chair of Export-Import Bank of the United States (US Exim) spoke to TXF about the...

28 May 2024

ITFA 50th Annual trade finance conference in Limassol: The stuff of legends

ITFA celebrates its 50th anniversary on the island birthplace of the goddess Aphrodite on 4-6 September. TXF is thrilled to be Conference Community Partner for what...

24 May 2024

Hoping for clear skies for transition, innovation, cyber and geopolitics, at BU Oslo

At the Berne Union’s flagship spring meeting in Norway, enthusiasm over opportunities for ECAs on climate and energy transition, technology and innovation, were balanced...

21 May 2024
Metals and Mining

Setting standards for transparency: TXF speaks to Hugo Brodie at the London Metal Exchange

In this podcast, TXF reporter Ralph Ivey speaks to Hugo Brodie, Head of Product Development and Innovation at the London Metal Exchange, about sustainability in the...

20 May 2024

Keynote: UKEF’s CEO Reid looks through new lenses for exporters

Tim Reid, CEO of UK Export Finance, discusses the lenses through which the ECA will define the success of its new business plan, which builds on its record as the fourth...

17 May 2024
Oil & gas

Mozambique LNG: When will funds be disbursed?

The financing backing TotalEnergies’ Mozambique LNG project was taken out of the financial fridge earlier this year but funds are yet to be disbursed. With the latest...

13 May 2024
Agri/Soft Commodities, Metals and Mining, Oil & gas

Ten years of TXF Amsterdam

This year TXF is celebrating a decade of change at the tenth edition of the Amsterdam Global Commodity Finance event. Read on to find our thoughts on a few of the trends...

10 May 2024

Keynote: Finnvera’s CEO warns on pendulum swings for export finance

Pauli Heikkilä, CEO of Finnvera, reflects on the swinging pendulum for export financing he’s seen in two decades heading Finland’s ECA. Global swings from market forces...

07 May 2024

TXF-TFG podcast: A decade of commodity finance

Ahead of TXF’s Global Commodity Finance Conference in Amsterdam on 22-23 May 2024, Trade Finance Global’s (TFG) Deepesh Patel (DP) spoke with Jonathan Bell (JB),...

07 May 2024

FEX 2024: Meeting the exporters

The Future of Export Finance initiative recently held its annual exporter meeting in Heidenheim. This year, the technology company Voith played host to FEX's German...

07 May 2024

Sullivan: How to get involved in trade assets financing

In this trade & export finance webinar, Geoffrey Wynne, Partner, looks at the various initiatives as to how parties can become more involved in the trade finance space...

07 May 2024

Exclusive profile: Queen Creole? EBRD's new head of trade facilitation on digitalisation and sustainability

In her first interview since her appointment on 7 May, Shona Tatchell, the new head of trade and supply chain finance, European Bank for Reconstruction & Development...

03 May 2024
Metals and Mining, Oil & gas

An eerie calm? The view from Commodity Trading Week 2024

The return of Commodity Trading Week marks a period of sustained calm in the commodities markets – at least in contrast with the volatility of recent years. But how long...

25 April 2024

Quo Vadis? IfTI returns for the Global Trade Symposium 2024

Senior practitioners of the trade and export finance community will gather at the University of St Gallen this autumn for another edition of IfTI’s Global Symposium....

22 April 2024
Other, Renewables, Transport

Keynote: Eksfin’s CEO on the answers blowing in the wind

How do you have a thriving offshore wind export business when you don’t, technically, have an offshore wind industry? Norway’s exporters are finding the answer, and of...