TXF Local: United Kingdom Export Finance & PRI 2020

December, 2020
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TXF succeeds to create the perfect environment to bring together industry experts to discuss the hot topics of the year
Alexander Klepp
Deputy Head of Underwriting


TXF Local: United Kingdom Export Finance & PRI 2020

Virtual event
December, 2020

For the first time, TXF organising a dedicated event on the UK Export Finance!

Join senior leaders from exporters, banks, insurers, law firms and, of course, UKEF to find out how you can succeed in the market.

At this virtual event we will be discussing which regions should UK exporters set their sights on for the year ahead? Do you really need to ‘Brexitproof’ your business or has the shift been a bit of a damp squib? Have the insular sentiments driven by populism had any impact on export finance?

During a constructive day of debate we'll make sure there's plenty of time to forge new business relationships with your fellow delegates so you can share your strategies, find new clients and get future deals on the table. 


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