TXF Sustainable Export Finance and Resilient Infrastructure 2021

Feb 25, 2021
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TXF Sustainable Export Finance and Resilient Infrastructure 2021

Virtual Event
Feb 25, 2021
Virtual Event

Sustainability represents the challenge of our lifetime, but for export finance, it is the biggest opportunity of our careers. 

Export finance is a microcosm of the whole economy and all of society, with goods and projects from all over the world covered by ECAs. Historically, whilst export finance has contributed to creating growth, moving countries out of poverty, supporting the spread of renewable technologies and building vital infrastructure; it has also financed projects and goods that have caused long term environmental harm. 

As societies and economies move to transition to greener technologies and more resilient infrastructure, it is therefore natural that export finance will in turn also proportionately be used for such purposes.

But export finance could go much further. 

Export finance is highly regulated, able to deal with high levels of complexity has a track record of project measurement, has a high-risk appetite, and is able to work at scale in difficult countries - elements that mean export finance could be the go-to tool for a transitioning global economy.  

We at TXF want to give export finance the boost that allows the industry to fulfil its potential. 

For that to take place we will need to find consensus on what constitutes sustainability, transition and resilience. How we measure these things. How do we actively incentivise across the chain. And what constitutes success. 

The TXF Sustainable Export Finance and Resilient Infrastructure virtual event will address those challenges head-on.  We want to create an atmosphere that is inspiring and ideas led, that demonstrates the art of the possible for the export finance community. 

Online participants will include:

+ Leaders, dealmakers and policymakers in export finance - including ECAs, banks, exporters, borrowers, brokers, underwriters and law firms

+ Keynote sustainability specialists

+ Institutional investors

+ Leading economists

+ Innovators across industry and technology, where export finance could play a bigger role

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