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TXF Export Finance Virtual World Fair 2020

Oct 19 - Oct 30, 2020
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I'd like to say how impressed I was, I thought TXF's inaugural virtual event was brilliantly organised and very well executed. Well done all the TXF team for blazing the trail into the future!
Tanya Epshteyn
Head of structured Finance


TXF Export Finance Virtual World Fair 2020

2-week digital roadshow
Oct 19 - Oct 30, 2020
Virtual event

Roll up, roll up for the only NETWORKING-FIRST magnificent Export Finance Virtual World Fair 2020, take a ride across the world of export finance, from Asia, MENA to Europe to Africa and the Americas take your pick of your region of interest, as well as discovering insight and opportunities on a truly global scale.

Your ticket admits access to a full two-week digital roadshow  (19-30 October) which comprises of 6 events TXF MENA, TXF Asia, TXF Africa, TXF Americas, TXF Global Export and our newest event TXF Future of Export Finance plus more - taking the best and most specific insights and content from each region, as well as giving you a platform to engage with thousands of export finance practitioners not only from your area but opening the door to international and cross region collaboration.  

It’s been a strange year to say the least, with face-to-face meetings on hold, our growing series of virtual events have given the chance to make real connections. Ever the self-critics, we weren’t satisfied with this, most virtual event providers do not deal with strict firewalls and IT requirements most of our clients need to have a seamless virtual experience. How could we ensure our export finance community have the best virtual experience, making that much needed industry origination and business development happen, that's been in short supply of late. 

That’s why over the past summer months we’ve been busy curating an all-singing, all-dancing bespoke virtual event platform with our customers in mind, a one-stop shop for networking, presentations, panel discussions, interactive workshops, useful materials and more.  

Reserve your round the world ticket now, to be part of the only two-week long virtual global export finance-athon of its kind, for all the deal-making, LinkedIn swapping, knowledge sharing you can handle! 

Check out what we’ve got in store for each regional event as part of this epic world export finance fair below.


 Susan  Flanagan
Susan Flanagan
President & CEO
GE Energy Financial Services
Roland Chalons-Browne
Roland Chalons-Browne
Siemens Financial Services
Francis CM Ho
Francis CM Ho
Senior Director, Group Treasury and Project Finance
CLP Holdings Limited
Debora Revoltella
Debora Revoltella
Chief Economist
European Investment Bank
Tianfu Yang
Tianfu Yang
Chief Financial Officer
PowerChina Intl
Vijay Iyer
Vijay Iyer
VP & Chief Operating Officer
MIGA - Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency
Kazunori  Ogawa
Kazunori Ogawa
Resident Executive Officer, Regional Head, EMEA
Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC)
Thierry de Longuemar
Thierry de Longuemar
Special Advisor to the President
Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank
Ebru Pakcan
Ebru Pakcan
Global Head of Trade, Treasury & Trade Solutions
Daniel Schmand
Daniel Schmand
Global Head of Trade Finance and Lending
Deutsche Bank
Edna Schöne
Edna Schöne
Member of the Board of Management Responsible for the Federal Export Credit Guarantees
Euler Hermes Aktiengesellschaft
Catrin Fransson
Catrin Fransson
Swedish Export Credit Corporation (SEK)


TXF Global

Following the huge success of the global export finance virtual event in June with over 1500 digital attendees and 245 corporate companies, the virtual deals of the year ceremony, 4 interactive ideas lab and 10 keynote panels, get ready part two of the event as part of our epic 2-week long export finance world fair. 

The core focus of this forward-looking agenda is on leveraging the tools of export finance to rebuild economies through sustainable infrastructure investment, alongside how the product will evolve to finance new industries previously untapped by ECA finance. 

You will also discover the latest geopolitical and macroeconomic forecasts, ongoing effect of and responses to the pandemic, restructuring and workouts for loans, trade wars, sanctions, the OECD consensus, CPRI market appetite and capacity, digitalisation, borrowers balance sheet requirements, untied finance, ECA shopping lines, blended finance, development finance and eye-opening case studies.

All this delivered at breakneck speed by a host of corporate, banking and agency CEOs, state ministers, renowned economists and new voices previously unheard from at industry events. 

For speaking opportunities please contact: [email protected]

TXF Americas

We are bringing back TXF Americas: Structured Trade and Export Finance for a second round! Uniting the key players and deal makers of the region all under the ultimate TXF export finance platform.

Connect digitally with networking and sessions available 24/7 throughout the virtual conference giving you the ability to set your schedule, your way. Expect crucial updates in the macroeconomic and geopolitical space. 

How have ECAs posed themselves to support their exporters in LatAm? How are exporters and borrowers operating in the export finance world? Will the use of credit and political risk insurance in the US grow as a faster rate as a result of the pandemic? Our February audience voted Brazil and Mexico as the most promising markets - have those markets come to a standstill?

This is your chance to stay connected and ahead of the curve!

For speaking opportunities please contact: [email protected]


If you're here to make a difference, you're in the right place.  

As an industry, export finance has huge potential to change people's lives for the better. In order to achieve this, however, we must consider how we work as an industry and where we need to do better. 

TXF's Future of Export Finance 2020 invites you to join a dynamic group of export finance professionals to plot your ideas on where we're heading and how to get there. We consider how we can promote this vibrant sector to young, diverse talent and, crucially, then retain that talent. We look at the extent to which sustainability will become vital to our core workings, and how we must adapt accordingly. 

We'll consider a road towards financial inclusion for more female and black owned businesses, and the role that export finance has to play in a world that - rightly - will no longer accept the status quo.

For speaking opportunities please contact: [email protected]


All aboard the TXF MENA train, for access to everyone who's anyone in MENA export finance space. Join this virtual gathering of  the region's key-players and plan ahead for another year of successful deal-making! Partnering with the world’s newest ECA - Etihad Credit Insurance - as well as local government agencies, the Aman Union and a host of international and regional market-movers, TXF MENA will be unlike anything you’ve seen before.

The MENA market is navigating its way through a transformative energy sector, ECA-driven innovation, end-to-end digitisation of trade and increased localisation. Therefore diversity, dexterous deal-making, pricing and investment priorities will dictate performance levels in the region next year.

Don't miss your virtual stop for TXF MENA, as we facilitate YOUR opportunities for origination, business development and navigate these challenging and unpredictable times.

For speaking opportunities please contact: [email protected]

TXF Africa

Get ready for round two of TXF Africa virtual 2020. Enjoyed our inaugural event? You've not seen anything yet! We'll endeavour to make those much needed meetings and deal opportunities a reality. TXF team will hand deliver 1:1 meetings with your most compatible business partners,  host interactive sessions with the region's top borrowers and lenders, share exemplary deals from the deal makers themselves plus much more.

Africa's need for infrastructure still remains strong. Whilst transportation and energy projects are still in high demand, the pandemic has caused increased interest in social and health infrastructure such as hospitals and schools. Given that Covid has delayed projects that were already in the pipeline, when will we start to see deals coming to fruition? 

Will you take part as Africa's top borrowers and lenders pave the way for the future of African export & project finance.

For speaking opportunities please contact: [email protected]

TXF Asia

You're in luck! Your all-access world fair pass admits entry to: TXF Asia 2020: Export, Agency & Project Finance. And we can't wait to welcome you back to the business-card-exchanging, knowledge-sharing and deal-closing world of TXF Asia 2020.

As we reach further & wider with this virtual addition of the event, exporters, ECAs, banks & insurers will come together to share their expertise and predictions for Asian project & export finance.

Coronavirus may be dominating our thoughts at the moment, but it’s not the only pressure the market faces. Increased tensions between the US and China are causing us to re-think supply chains, allowing space for countries such as Vietnam and Indonesia to fill the gaps.  

Sustainability is no longer a buzzword - in fact, major banks are pledging as much as $200 billion in sustainability-linked financing by 2025. This means we’ll have to re-think which projects can be viewed as sustainable.

Don’t miss out on the chance to join us, as we assess this confusing, challenging and unpredictable year in Asian export finance. 

For speaking opportunities please contact [email protected] 


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