The New Exim: Hopes, expectations and stipulations

Jan 22, 2016

“Open for business – what next for US EXIM Bank?”

22nd January, NYC


Coffee and registration



Welcome and opening remarks

Jonathan Bell, Editor-in-Chief, TXF



What’s next for EXIM?: A summary of changes and conditions related to the re-authorisation

In the new authorization from Congress, which changes, if any, have occurred in policy (e.g., portfolio cap, limitations on lending to certain sectors (e.g., aircraft), changes to small-business lending, etc.)? What conditions exist? What’s the process?

Are there any no-go sectors or countries?

Is there going to be a limit on the availability of US EXIM going forward?

Scott Schloegel, Senior Vice President and Chief of Staff, US EXIM Bank



Getting back on track: Market assessment and priorities in the short and long term

How will EXIM prioritize new applications, and deal with a large volume of new business?

How much ramp up time, if any, will the different groups need to get back “online” (e.g., short-term insurance, project finance, etc.)?

What are the implications for delegated authority?

Madolyn Phillips, Deputy, Chief Banking Officer, US EXIM Bank




The importance of competitive export credit for the aviation industry

Daniel Da Silva, Vice President, Strategic and Regulatory Policy, Boeing Capital Corporation


The wider global agency landscape

What have we seen from other agencies in recent months in support of their exporters?

Are other agencies still willing to work with US EXIM?

How can agencies help bring prosperity and peace around the world, in a financially sustainable fashion?

From an international policy perspective, why do export credit programs matter and how can a regulated export credit system help global trade?

US EXIM and the OECD consensus

Could the position of ECAs be taken by DFIs?

Pekka Karkovirta, Vice President, Finnvera and OECD Working Group on Export Credits and Credit Guarantees
Valentino Gallo
, Global Head of Export and Agency Finance, Citi
Gareth Waterhouse,
Head of International Relations, UK Export Finance

Katharine Baragona, Senior Infrastructure Finance Specialist, The World Bank

Moderated by: Jonathan Bell, Editor-in-Chief, TXF Media





Remarks and Q&A

Fred Hochberg, Chairman, US EXIM Bank



Panel discussion: Industry perspectives on working with US Ex-Im and rebuilding business

How will EXIM market its reauthorization to its users?  How can exporters and banks help in this regard?

What is the long-term damage on both EXIM and American exports?

Will buyers know to trust a 10-20 years EXIM guarantee?

What has the reaction of buyers been to date?

With such protracted deal cycles, can project sponsors realistically look to EXIM for project finance solutions, now, and as the next reauthorization approaches?

Beth Touomou, Senior Finance Manager, Bechtel
John Schuster, Principal, Project and Structured Finance, 32 Advisors
Jeffrey Cain, Senior Vice President, Project and Export Finance, Siemens Financial Services
Hans-Peter Busson,
Partner, Global ECA Coordination Leader, Ernst & Young

Moderated by: Valerie Colville, Principal, CC Solutions





Lessons learnt for next time

Will this happen again? What can EXIM do to avoid this?

How long is the re-authorisation valid for and what limits are expected next time round? 

Have the pro-EXIM lobby done enough to promote the virtues of export finance – what more could be done?

What other stakeholders could be brought into the process?

John Hardy, President, Coalition for Employment Though Exports (CEE)
Philips Lee, Head of Export Finance, North America, Societe Generale



IDEA LAB: What you would like from EXIM?

What does the market expect from EXIM, in terms of new ideas, products, policies, and target markets?

Your chance to design the perfect Eximbank



Close of conference followed by drinks



Our approach

Many within this community have worked tirelessly to secure the reauthorisation of US Ex-Im. Now this has finally been achieved, there is real energy to the sector and a desire to get on with business.

The TXF approach to this capped attendance event is to create an intimate space for the industry to openly discuss the future of export finance.

In contrast to the larger scale events in the market, this focused agenda will allow for hands-on discussion from both the audience and speakers, as well as provide ample networking opportunities in a close-knit environment.

We want to create the opportunity for you to delve deeper into this topic and gain a clear understanding of how your market can now move forward.


Why attend

The New Exim: Hopes, expectations and stipulations

Jan 22, 2016
The Westin Times Square, United States

Capped at 80 people, this event offered a unique opportunity to discuss one of the most critical issues in export finance at the current time. What does the reauthorisation mean for you, your business and the export finance industry at large?

With intimate networking, varied speeches and off-the-record “all-play” discussions, this one day conference was the perfect start to begin building up business in 2016.

Speakers and participants

Daniel  Da Silva
Daniel Da Silva
Vice President, Strategic Regulatory Policy
Katharine Baragona
Katharine Baragona
Senior Infrastructure Finance Specialist
World Bank Group
Fred Hochberg
Fred Hochberg
President and Chairman
US EXIM BANK - Export-Import Bank of the United States
John Hardy
John Hardy
Coalition for Employment through Exports
Pekka Karkovirta
Pekka Karkovirta
Vice President
Finnvera plc
Elizabeth Touomou
Elizabeth Touomou
Finance Director
Bechtel Enterprises
Michal Ron
Michal Ron
Vice President
Berne Union
Robert Morin
Robert Morin
SVP Business and Product Development
US EXIM BANK - Export-Import Bank of the United States
Gareth Waterhouse
Gareth Waterhouse
International and Strategy Manager
UK Export Finance - Export Credits Guarantee Department
James Cruse
James Cruse
Senior Vice President - Policy and Planning
US EXIM BANK - Export-Import Bank of the United States
Valerie Colville
Valerie Colville
CC Solutions
Hala El-Mohandes
Hala El-Mohandes
Deputy Vice President-Structured & Project Finance Division
US EXIM BANK - Export-Import Bank of the United States