TXF SMEs in Export Finance 2017

SME and Small Ticket Export Finance

Nov 29, 2017
etc.venues Monument, London, United Kingdom

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Breakfast workshop: An introduction to ECA finance

An educational workshop for SMEs looking to learn more about ECA financing. Which types of SMEs would benefit the most from ECA financing? How long does the process take? What are the lending criteria? These are just a few of the questions which will be discussed.

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Keynote Address: Why we're failing our SMEs

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SME and small ticket export finance: A necessary evil or a valued market?

A discussion on the state of the SME and small ticket export financing market and the key issues and trends which are occurring: • Why are banks hesitant to provide liquidity to SMEs and smaller ticket deals? • Who is stepping in to fill the void? • Should banks have a duty to support SMEs and smaller deals? • Are ECAs doing enough and is this really a key area of interest for them? • Is ECA direct lending helping SME financing or is it just a programme for big companies and larger deals? • What impact are initiatives like the Bank Delegation scheme having?

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What's holding SMEs back on export finance?

With only 1 in 5 UK SMEs actively exporting their products, many companies are missing out on huge growth potential: • Do SMEs know about export finance or do they simply find the process too complex? • What can be done to educate SMEs on the benefits of export financing and on who does the burden lie? • How can we ensure that ECA direct lending is reaching the people that need it most? • How can we improve the current origination strategies and make the process more accessible?

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Audience Response Survey: Your thoughts on the industry

A live survey of the audience on key issues in the industry, with real-time results provided on-screen and a full annotated set of results sent to all delegates after the event.

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ECA Panel: 4 different models, 1 objective

In recent years BPI, EDC, EKN and UKEF have all introduced initiatives to help facilitate SME financing. Whilst each one has a different modus operandi, they all share the same goal: to increase the efficiency and accessibility of export financing for SMEs. We take a look at how the different models compare and what other ECAs can learn from these models when looking to implement their own programmes.

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Plenary Stream Workshop Stream

Introducing the alternatives

As banks have reacted to regulations such as Basel III and become more stringent...

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5 ways to simplify ECA export finance

How can we make ECA export finance more simple and accessible? TXF canvassed the...

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Introducing the innovators

A look at the companies and technologies which are leading the way when it comes...

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An export finance success story

Hear from an SME that has been through the process of securing export financing ...

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Making SME financing an attractive business model

A discussion on how to make SME and small ticket export financing a viable business prospect for the banking sector. With small deals requiring the same amount of time, due diligence and legal fees as larger ones, with a lot less profit in return, banks have often neglected the SME market in favour of large cap companies. How can SME and small ticket deals be made more attractive and can these deals lead to larger ones in the future?

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