ECA Finance Training 2018 | Paris

Jan 25 - Jan 26, 2018
Bpifrance , France

"A brilliant course that delivers what's "on the tin". So much to cover in two days. Thoroughly enjoyable and a fantastic opportunity to hear from peers from other countries."

Leslie Maruzira, BAM Nuttall

Next available course date: Prague, 4 & 5 June

Whether you're a novice or experienced professional, our comprehensive and highly acclaimed ECA Finance boot camp provides a core understanding of ECA Financing, plus a thorough examination of the entire process of completing a successful export finance transaction. 

In partnership with CC Solutions, the 2-day course introduces the practical and theoretical elements of different products, policies and applications with real-life examples from senior professionals. So you get focused information which you can apply directly in your role. Please note the training takes places in English.


Lenders/ ECAs/Financial institutions/Financial Advisors | To gain a greater knowledge of rules & requirements, how to avoid common pitfalls and misunderstandings that can strain relationships with customers

Exporters/Suppliers/OEMs/EPCs |  To understand how ECA finance impacts the EPC process from RPFs through to procurement cycle, learn how to accurately assess eligible content for your buyers, and avoid costly problems during the spend cycle that relate to misunderstanding eligibility.  

Corporates/Sponsors/Borrowers/Sovereigns | Understand the approval process, compare eligibility requirements among ECAs, study how to maximise ECA financing value, and grasp the myriad tasks necessary to effectively disburse and administer these transactions.

Legal teams | To understand the impacts of ECA financing on credit agreements and be able to better advise clients on compliance as well as understand potential problems commonly found in ECA transactions.

Very organised course with very important content for my field. Instructors went all the way to ensure we benefited from all the subjects presented
Mohamed Al Rasheed
Consultant Debt Management Office, Government of Sharjah
Mohamed Al Rasheed
A perfect overview on the ECA market. Friendly and dynamic exchanges through learning materials
Pedro Novo
Executive Director in charge of Export, Bpifrance
Pedro Novo
Very useful course. I can say this is the best course I have ever attended
SPECIALIST FINANCE, Bahrain Petroleum Company ( BAPCO )
Great course, provides a detailed overview of the ECA product and how this could support development and trade across SSA
Mteto Mvusi
Vice President, HSBC
Mteto Mvusi
Valerie and Francisco were very clear and detailed in their presentation and training. Would also recommend for banks and ECA institutions
Thomas Pesnel
Area Business Development Manager Asia Pacific, BAM Decorient Indonesia
Thomas Pesnel
A very enlightening, useful and mind-opening course on ECA Financing, delivered by seasoned experts
Alex Area
ECA Finance & Partnerships Officer,
Alex Area
Practical ECA financing course, highly recommended for Project and Export finance practitioners.
Samuel H. Mugoya
Executive Syndications & Agency Operations, Eastern and Southern African Trade & Development Bank (TDB)
Samuel  H. Mugoya
Excellent facilitators with extensive knowledge!
Maher Roz
Executive Director & Head MENAP, Structured Export Finance, Standard Chartered
Maher Roz
It is exhaustive, covering the entire literature of ECA Financing. Hands-on with general and recent live case studies
Durai Raj
Durai Raj
Excellent content which included basic background on ECAs, all the way to advanced insights on how to successfully engage with ECAs.
Janine Yee
Partner, Porter Hedges LLP
Janine Yee
I would recommend this course to anyone who is starting a profession in ECA Financing. Well thought out course material - good course structure.
Moses Singo
Senior Director , Mizuho
Moses  Singo
Recommend this course to corporate practitioners looking to increase their understanding of ECA finance within a favourable networking environment.
Paul Gannon
VP, Treasurer, Metso Corporation
Paul Gannon
Good knowledge on how ECAs work with lots of real life cases
Jackson Adhikari
Assistant General Manager, Hong Kong Export Credit Insurance Corporation
Jackson Adhikari
Good material to bring home and read again. Friendly and helpful teachers. Good overview of ECA financing with informative answers to participants questions.
Lina Ivarsson
Senior Credit Analyst, Swedish Export Credit Corporation (SEK)
Lina Ivarsson
This course is an important event for anyone wanting to look deeper into ECA financing- a type of product that is not so common and hence not many understand.
Nadya Priscilya
Officer, BNP Paribas
Nadya Priscilya

Please find the course breakdown below. If you would like more detail, please contact [email protected] who can put you in touch with one of our expert course leaders.

Our training partners, CC Solutions, provide expert support in all areas of ECA financing, from eligibility analysis of preferred procurement, to loan application, approval, and through final disbursement. Customers worldwide benefit from their diligence, dedication to accuracy, and deep knowledge of ECA requirements.

Here you can find out more about the course leaders, Valerie and Francisco. They certainly know their stuff when it comes to ECA financing... 


Valerie Colville has over 30 years of extensive experience structuring and implementing export credit agency financing for international corporate, sovereign, and project finance transactions. Valerie is a co-founder of CC Solutions and is an export insurance broker. As a Vice President of Fluor Corporation’s Project Development & Investments Group, Valerie was responsible for developing and leading multi-sourced complex financings in the oil, gas, power, renewable energy, and mining industries. She is an expert in export credit agency financing on a global basis.




Francisco Anzola is a finance and project management professional with over 25 years of experience in the banking and the engineering and construction sectors. Francisco is a co-founder of CC Solutions and has global knowledge of ECA rules and eligibility requirements. As a Vice President at Commerzbank AG, New York branch, Francisco originated and executed Export-Import Bank of the United States-guaranteed and limited recourse financing transactions for customers in five continents and across many industrial sectors, including agriculture, oil and gas, manufacturing, and power generation.


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