The TXF Wall of Sound

At the US Ex-Im conference in Washington DC, Team TXF got delegates to pen their song choices on the TXF Wall of Sound. Here are the results...
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Thank you for all those that scribbled a song entry on the TXF Wall of Sound at the US Ex-Im Conference 2014.

You can see the listen to the ultimate "Exim Playlist" via Spotify


Here are the choices....

Hanggai - Xiger Xiger
Andrew Jeanblanc, IRC
U2 - A Beautiful Day
Henri D'Ambrieres, HDA Counseil
John Coltrane - Moment’s Notice
Gary Mendell, Meridian Finance Group
U2 - Where The Streets Have No Name
Mike Grenier, Paradigm Partners
Lion King - Ha Ku Na Ma Ta Ta
Cong Xiao, Ekpac China Limited
Alanis Morrisette - Ironic
Justin Miller, Intermarine, Llc
Guns 'N' Roses - Paradise City
Marcus Dolman, Rolls Royce
London Grammar - Hey Now
Thomas Engelhart, Kreller Business Info Group
The The - This Is The Day
Dan Sheriff, TXF
Bob Marley - Rasta Live Up
Justin Tinsey, Acrow Bridge
Zaz - On Ira
Anne Aufrere, Arianespace
Harry Cornick Jr. - Recipe For Love
Firmin Backer, Haiti Renewal Allowance
Miriam Makeba - The Retreat Song
Tunde Mabawonku, Wema Bank Plc
U2 - Stay (Faraway So Close)
Andre Viana, JP Morgan
Gabe Gondoc - When You Say
Daron Davis, SMBC
The Wurzels - I’Ve Got A Brand New Combine Harvester
Oillie Gordon, Trade Finance
Paul Simon - Graceland
Katy Rose, TXF
10cc - Dreadlock Holiday
Alex Sheriff, Trade Finance
David Bowie - The Man Who Sold The World
Dominik Kloiber, TXF
Enya - Watermark
Dennis Brennan, US Maritime Administration
Bi Kidude - Muho Go Wa Jangombe
Africa Shipping Line
David Bowie - Young Americans
Mark Howard, Societe Generale
AC/DC - Back In Black
Gabriel Buck, Barclays
Notorious B.I.G. - Mo Money Mo Problems
Francisco Anzola, CC Solutions Llc
Adele - Rolling In The Deep
Audra Mcintosh, Huntington National Bank
Frank Sinatra - Fly Me To The Moon
Suha Kocabal, TD Securities
Bob Marley - Redemption Song
Jonathan Atuah, Forms Capital
Todd Rundgren - I Saw The Light In Your Eyes
Burke McCormack, Ardmore Capital
UB40 - Red Red Wine
Lorita Jackson, US Ex-Im
John Legend - All Of Me
Wilson Llerena, US-Ex-Im
Temptations - Get Ready
Joe Davis, Piers
Bob Marley - Exodus
Shamis Abdolle, Africa Shipping Line
Pharrell Williams - Happy
Ambassador Koby Koomson, The Koomson Group, Inc
Randy Newman - Short People
Bob Svensk, Latin American Underwriters
Led Zepplin - Stairway To Heaven
Andre Gazal, CA-CIB
Zuchhero & Randy Crawford - Domenica (Diamante)
Aliyu Maigari Mamman
Celine Dion - My Heart Will Go On
Iqbal Patel, Sadara Chemical Company
Natasha Bedingfield - Unwritten
Valerie Colville, CC Solutions Llc
Daft Punk - Get Lucky
Diego Fiamma, London Forfaiting Americas
Queen - We Will Rock You
Isabel Galdiz, US Ex-Im
American Authors - Best Day Of My Life
Suzy Mccormick, CC Solutions Llc
Beatles - Helter Skelter
Brian Pelan, Sikorsky Aircraft
Mother Falcon - Marigold
Daniel Pinho, PNC Bank
The Wells Fargo Wagon - The Music Man
Norman Buchbinder, Wells Fargo

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  • Jose Luis Vicent
    Jose Luis Vicent 2 May 2014

    These things being what they are, theresis ONE and only candidate in my book - "Talk talk" by the Music Machine.

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