Risky business podcast: War and policy in trade

In the latest episodes of TXF’s Risky Business podcast series, Dr. Rebecca Harding of Coreolis Technologies outlines and analyses the economic and political risk factors behind our latest Country Risk Ratings for MENA, Russia, Eurasia, Europe and Turkey in Q2 2018.

Episode 3: MENA

This episode covers the Middle East. With tensions over Yemen, a changing role for Israel, trade flows through Oman, and short-term challenges in Egypt, the turbulent geopolitical landscape of this region is ever changing.

Episode 5: Russia, Eurasia and Europe

Following the conclusion of the 2018 World Cup, Rebecca examines trends behind the scenes in Russia, the continued troubles in Ukraine, tensions in Eurasia, and the long term impact sanctions have (and haven’t) had on Russian trade flows. 

Meanwhile in Europe, we also analyse the risks posed by the rise of populism in Poland, Hungary, Germany and Italy… and of course we also reference the UK and the current British obsession..Brexit

Episode7: Turkey

Post-election, what will Erdogan’s continued policies to consolidate power mean in terms of international investment opportunities in Turkey? Should we expect a wait and see policy for the coming months? What does the election mean for Turkey, and for European partners that are asking an increasing amount from the country against a background of the migrant crisis and troubles in the Middle East? 

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