TXF Export Finance Industry Survey 2022: Have your say

TXF wants to hear from ECAs, banks and borrowers, importers and exporters, in a bid to paint an up-to-date picture of the ECA landscape and garner marker sentiment via our export finance industry survey 2022.
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TXF is delighted to begin the research process for the 5th annual Export Finance Survey 2022. We want to hear from export credit agencies (ECAs), banks and borrowers, importers and exporters to garner market sentiment as the world slowly emerges from the pandemic, and with a renewed focus on tackling the climate crisis.  

Take the survey here.

For all respondents, the survey should take no more than 10 minutes. The survey is totally confidential and anonymous.  

As a thank you for completing the survey, you will be eligible to win £100 worth of Amazon vouchers. 

The survey has been designed specifically for corporates (exporters and importers), banks and ECAs with each of these organisational types responding only to questions that are relevant to them.

All of the data will be collected and analysed in the final Export Finance Industry Report, which aims to classify and measure market sentiment across all players in the export finance space. 

Across the spectrum of the ECA landscape, we want to know how you feel about the current market, where you're active and in which sectors. Following the pledges and promises of COP 26, will you continue to support coal, oil & gas, aviation and shipping? We also want to know your thoughts on modernising the OECD Arrangement - how do you view recent rule changes and what changes would you like to see next?

Anyone exporting and using ECAs needs to be on top of the latest trends and know which institutions are the current leading lights in the sector for every discipline. 

That's why from exporters, borrowers and corporates we want to know what you think of the ability of ECAs and export finance banks to execute deals effectively, their appetite for sustainable deals, customer service, industry expertise, product offering, understanding of your business and pricing.  

If you have any questions about the survey, please feel free to get in touch directly with me at j[email protected]


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