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15 January 2024

Take the Global Export Finance Survey 2024 now!

TXF's industry leading Global Export Finance Survey garners market sentiment from hundreds of banks, ECAs and corporates to establish a barometer to benchmark trends in 2024. Take part in the survey now and shape our analysis of the year to come.

The launch of TXF’s Global Export Finance Survey and its publication in early Q2 will provide market insights by marrying both quantitative and qualitative data sets not found in any other business intelligence outfit. But first, we need your support to complete the survey. 

Take part in the survey here

In the ever-evolving export finance community – as commodity traders become serial users of ECA debt, untied lending continues its rise, and tenor envelopes are pushed out under OECD reform – stay at the forefront of the latest sentiments and analysis of industry trends. 

Outlining the macroeconomic and geopolitical contours of the ECA landscape and evaluating the impact on dealmaking will help to steer businesses towards the best outcomes and risk profiles in 2024.

The survey’s findings also provide export finance professionals with a competitive advantage in finding and closing new business opportunities. From lenders, exporters, and lawyers to private insurers, ECAs and project sponsors, there are no stakeholders overlooked in this far-reaching report. That’s why each year the list of respondents grows and in turn, the insights deepen. 

The survey is confidential and anonymous and will take no longer than 10 minutes to complete. We welcome your thoughts. 

All of the data will be collected and analysed in the final Global Export Finance Industry Survey 2024. It is due for release in the second quarter of 2024.

The more respondents, the more comprehensive the findings will be.

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