Members' Exclusive | 3pm – 5pm CEST

Export Finance Leaders' Think Tank

May 5, 2021
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Export Finance Leaders' Think Tank

Members' Exclusive | 3pm – 5pm CEST
May 5, 2021

We are delighted to invite members to this Exclusive TXF Membership event featuring senior industry leader speakers as well as a Big Picture keynote. To attend you will need to be a TXF member - to find out more about how to start your TXF membership please visit the membership page here or email

This event will be taking place on our very own custom-built virtual event platform Kuejnga, allowing all participants to view all content live and on-demand but also connect with each other by browsing the delegate list and communicate through a messaging and video call service. In short, we can bring the key players in the export finance world directly to you, wherever you are.

To find out more about our speaking opportunities please contact Hesham at


The Big Picture: Adapting your Organisation to the New Paradigm

There is little doubt that 2020 is going to have a lasting impact on the world of work. Working remotely will become more commonplace, but how can it be tailored to also work for newer recruits and those without a dedicated home office? What training is needed to allow teams to maximise their productivity in this paradigm? How will all of these changes affect recruitment and retention strategies? 

This keynote presentation will give you ample food for thought on organisational changes and challenges for your export finance team.

Clash of the Titans: Global Heads Debate

Our panel of global heads of export finance are tasked with pertinent question relating to our industry:

  • Project pipeline and predictions of where will volumes come from? When will hard hit industries such as cruise and transport return?
  • Assessment of sustainability as it relates to the entire portfolio, including power, oil and gas. Speed of change at banks and resulting internal changes to team structure and incentives for deal teams, and what transition looks like on a day to day basis.
  • CIRR rates and availability of bank funding, effect of interest rates and inflation on liquidity, changing nature of funding mix and role of banks in the face of ECA direct lending

Head-to-head: ECA CEO panel

We gather leaders of the largest global ECAs to gain executive insight into key issues relating the evolving landscape for ECAs:

  • Ongoing effect of the pandemic and role of ECAs in the global recovery
  • ECA direct lending; collaboration with DFIs and blended finance, capacity, coverage and volumes
  • Climate and sustainable policy updates, alignment with Paris Agreement and UN SGDS
  • Flexibility, transparency and level playing field between OECD and non-OECD ECAs

This session will feature an extended Q&A to give you ample time to put your questions to our CEOs.

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