Basel III: The impact of sovereign risk debts on banks and ECAs

The Basel Committee published a discussion paper earlier this month on the regulatory treatment of sovereign exposures. The review raises some very important questions for banks and the wider export finance community.

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Comments (1)

  • Louise Beuken
    Louise Beuken, Atradius 22 December 2017

    I am very much interested in the impact of Basel related developments on ECA business. So very happy to see TXF following this topic closely, well done! With respect to this specific topic (the possible changes to weighting of sovereign exposures), I do wonder if globally active international banks (G-SIBs) currently already assign different weightings to different sovereign exposures. I assume these banks do assign e.g. a different weighting to a Greece exposure as opposed to a Sweden exposure. If this is the case, than the impact of possible new Basel rules as described in this interesting article, might be limited I guess? I am very much interested in the views of others on this, especially the view of G-SIBs. Thanks! Alexander Otten - Atradius Dutch State Business NV

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