Green and lean: TXF’s Sustainable Deals H1 2019 report

TXF’s debut Sustainable Deals H1 2019 report partnered with Acre Impact Capital to help provide a comprehensive methodology and classify sustainable deals in the ECA market.
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Sustainability has grown as one of the most important core values for every institution in the export finance community in recent years, and as such TXF Data is committed to report all the key stats and metrics for sustainable deals. One of the main challenges is the lack of standards and methodology in terms of deal classification, so we decided to find an expert partner in the market to help us: Acre Impact Capital.

We have considered deals that have a positive impact for the environment or significantly improve the lives of communities globally. The aggregation of green and social deals shape what we consider sustainable deals.

Lack of information has been one of the main challenges in classifying sustainable deals, and we want to encourage the market to help us to identify these deals which would otherwise not be categorised as such. Please contact us if you want to find out the classification of your deals, and if you want to submit further sustainable information on any deal.


The methodology used by Acre/TXF to identify Green, Social and Sustainable transactions is closely aligned with ICMA's (International Capital Markets Association) Green Bond Principles (GBP), Social Bond Principles (SBP) and Sustainable Bond Guidelines (SBG). These principles and guidelines are the most widely accepted set of voluntary governance structures that bring a level of transparency and disclosure into this fast-evolving space. These governance structures are underpinned by four main pillars: (i) use of proceeds, (ii) project selection, (iii) management of proceeds and (iv) impact reporting. We have classified transactions in TXF's tagmydeals database as being Green, Social or Sustainable where the “Use of Proceeds” can be clearly identified as such as per ICMA's GBP, SBP or SBG. For simplicity, we have classified as `sustainable’ any transaction that fits the above categories.

To view the full 8-page Sustainable Deals H1 2019 report, please click here to download the report if you are a subscriber

If you are not a subscriber but would like a copy of the report please contact [email protected]


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