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27 June 2023

ECAs poised to rescue world's largest biomass plant

ECA-backed lenders to the world’s largest biomass power station in Teeside, England, are poised to inject £80 million of rescue financing into the project.

23 June 2023
Manufacturing & equipment, Metals and Mining, Oil & gas, Power, Renewables, Transport, Waste and water

TXF Export Finance Deals of the Year 2022: Triumphing through adversity

TXF is pleased to present the winners of its Perfect 10 Export Finance Deals of the Year for 2022. They show off some of the best examples of innovation in the market in...

21 June 2023

Feel the vibes from TXF Global Export Finance Lisbon 2023

TXF Global Export Finance Lisbon gathered the higher echelons of the ECA community last week in a seminal event aimed at amplifying and improving the export finance...

15 June 2023
Oil & gas, Renewables

A greener direction for UKEF?

UKEF is ready for a reset with a new CEO in office and a new set of priorities, including a focus on opportunities for green exports. But how can ECAs ensure that their...

07 June 2023
Metals and Mining, Oil & gas

What does increasing resource nationalism mean for global trade?

The concept of resource nationalism has made headlines in the wake of Russia’s war in Ukraine as countries scramble to secure their commodity supplies. Outside of the...

06 June 2023
Agri/Soft Commodities, Metals and Mining, Oil & gas, Power, Renewables

TXF Commodity Finance Deals of the Year for 2022: Shining through!

It was a tough time in 2022 for those involved in financing new commodity deals. But despite all the adversity and myriad challenges, some excellent deals were concluded....

01 June 2023
Agri/Soft Commodities, Metals and Mining, Oil & gas

TXF Amsterdam 2023: Top Takeaways

The TXF Global Commodity Finance and Sustainable Natural Resources event has returned to Amsterdam for another year, this time accompanied by the Industry Awards Dinner....

31 May 2023

African sovereign debt poses challenges for ECA activity

The spectre of increasing sovereign debt has the potential to swamp future export finance deals and projects in several African jurisdictions.

31 May 2023
Metals and Mining, Power

Keynote: Bechtel Enterprise’s Caudle on complexity, clean energy, and being the catalyst to get stuff done

Bill Caudle, president of Bechtel Enterprises, discusses his role, the company’s position as an EPC contractor and deal catalyst, and how, in a time of global inflation,...

25 May 2023

Trade, export and project finance: What to do when things go wrong

Sullivan partner Geoff Wynne looks at what happens if things start to go wrong in trade, export or project finance transactions. He also examines what the different...

23 May 2023

Rock the boat: Will UniCredit v Euronav cause a trade finance wobble or help tear up the paper boats?

It’s not every day that bills of lading make the news, but an appeal ruling dismissing a $26 million case by a bank against a shipping company is causing ripples that...

18 May 2023
Agri/Soft Commodities, Metals and Mining, Oil & gas

Prices and planting in the world of soft commodities: TXF speaks to Kona Haque

The TXF Global Commodity Finance and Sustainable Natural Resources event is set to kick off in Amsterdam on 23 May. In a special pre-event podcast, TXF reporter Ralph...

18 May 2023
Oil & gas

Different paths

Are multilateral development banks (MDBs) and export credit agencies (ECAs) pulling in the same direction when it comes to energy transition? The PR says they are – the...

17 May 2023

TXF Global Commodity Finance & Sustainable Natural Resources 2023

The TXF Global Commodity Finance & Sustainable Natural Resources event is back next week in Amsterdam and will gather the who’s who of commodity finance - from traders,...

16 May 2023
Metals and Mining

Alternative financing for mining: feast or famine?

The mining industry is suffering after a decade of underinvestment. Macroeconomic pressures have further reduced a pool of money that was already limited. These issues...

10 May 2023

Cruise ships: The TXF Perspective

The cruise ship industry has suffered under the weight of low occupancy rates and a sizeable debt hangover since the pandemic. ECAs and banks are taking a cautious...

03 May 2023

CPRI claims – are the dogs barking, or merely growling?

A new survey reveals the latest claims data for the CPRI industry. What do the figures tell us about the CPRI market? Is the claims market normalising, whatever that may...

26 April 2023

Rare earths provide common ground for Australia and Germany

Germany and Australia are building a strategic alliance on the critical minerals supply front. As ever, the financing package and offtake agreements will prove the...

25 April 2023

Sullivan: Structured trade finance part 2

In the second episode of a two-part series on structured trade finance transactions, Sullivan partner Sam Fowler-Holmes and associates Natalie Lake and Maria Capocci...

21 April 2023

Cruising still bruising

The cruise ship sector has one of the biggest debt hangovers from the pandemic – a situation mirrored in slow ECA-backed cruise ship volumes. Cruise cashflow is picking...