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17 January 2022
Agri/Soft Commodities, Manufacturing & equipment

Canal Sugar Company: On-lend to blend

The multi-currency financing for the Canal Sugar Project, a scheme that combines land reclamation for a farm roughly three times the size of Luxembourg with a beet...

13 January 2022
Telecoms and Communications

Smile Telecoms senior lenders face wipeout in second restructuring

Smile Telecoms is arranging its second restructuring plan to avoid insolvency. But senior lenders to the group, including African Export-Import Bank, could be wiped out...

12 January 2022

TXF Local Export Vision 2021 takeaways

TXF’s series of local events around Europe at the end of last year prompted plenty of debate around ECA product and policy. The main takeaways from these hybrid sessions...

06 January 2022

Binh Nguyen: Small tickets; big regulatory hurdles

Sermsang Power sealed an innovative $35 million ECA-backed financing for its ground-mounted 50MW Binh Nguyen solar park in Vietnam at the end of 2021. But the more...

24 December 2021

Export finance: year-end review

The export credit agency (ECA) offering has evolved and proved ever resilient in 2021, with yet another buoyant year for the market. But there are still several updates -...

23 December 2021

Stages for Change: Haas on why the industry can be harder for women

“The more people that look beyond the stereotypical type of person that ‘belongs’ in this industry, the more positivity and different perspectives will be brought into...

22 December 2021

TXF Awards – get involved!

As we run up to year-end 2021 we are now open for nominations for the TXF Deals of the Year for 2021. In addition, we are currently surveying for the Export Finance...

21 December 2021

EXIM Hungary closes most intense year in its 27-year operation

EXIM Hungary upped its lending activity and added new loan schemes to its product suites in 2021, and was also elected to the Berne Union Management Committee. TXF spoke...

17 December 2021

The year that was – the year that will be

As the end of 2021 nears, TXF takes a look at current trends and challenges in commodity trade finance and their implications for 2022.

16 December 2021

The energy crisis: Will ESG take the back seat?

As the energy crisis worsens, a multitude of issues surrounding ESG arise – will consumers be able to afford the price hike? And will the recent retreat of investments in...

09 December 2021

BU AGM: SERV's Suter and SACE's Gambelli talk shop

TXF spoke with Robert Suter, head of international relations & business policy at SERV, and Irene Gambelli, a senior adviser on international relations at SACE, in their...

08 December 2021

Shades of blue: Painting a picture for global trade in 2022

How to build resilience into the global supply chains that have not proved robust over the pandemic has been a top issue for trade in 2021. COVID, climate and...

06 December 2021

TXF Global Trade Report 2021

TXF's global trade report 2021 is available to download now.

06 December 2021
Oil & gas, Power, Renewables, Transport

COP26: Looking beyond the headlines

The Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero (GFANZ) took centre stage at COP26. Although initiatives like GFANZ will unlock further capital for green infrastructure,...

02 December 2021
Agri/Soft Commodities, Chemicals/Petrochemicals, Infrastructure, Manufacturing & equipment, Metals and Mining, Oil & gas, Other, Power, Renewables, Telecoms and Communications, Transport, Waste and water

TXF Export Finance Industry Survey 2022: Have your say

TXF wants to hear from ECAs, banks and borrowers, importers and exporters, in a bid to paint an up-to-date picture of the ECA landscape and garner marker sentiment via...

01 December 2021

Global trade system comes under greater scrutiny

With widespread disruptions in the trade supply chain and a growing trade finance gap, particularly impacting smaller businesses, a recently released report calls for...

29 November 2021

BU AGM: Assessing the state of the private insurance-ECA market

TXF spoke with Dominique Meesen, Berne Union’s medium/long-term (MLT) committee chair, head of reinsurance at Credendo, and vice-chair Andrew Underwood, also chief...

26 November 2021

Berne Union AGM: Talking about an evolution

TXF caught up with the Berne Union’s new ECA committee chair Isabel Galdiz (US Exim), vice-chair Yuichiro Akita (NEXI), and Berne Union ECA committee manager Didem...

25 November 2021

Changhua 1: Taiwan's offshore wind mirrors European holdco finance

The approximately NT$75 billion ($2.67 billion) non-recourse multi-tranche holdco financing backing the acquisition of CDPQ and Cathay Private Equity’s 50% interest in...

25 November 2021

BU AGM: Saudi Exim ups support for new sectors and markets

TXF sat down with Saad Alkhalb, CEO at Saudi Exim Bank to outline the recently formed ECA’s progress to date and how it plans to increase support to Saudi exporters doing...