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04 November 2016

CEC Africa: Sierra Leone’s first IPP leans on World Bank support package

A Lebanese developer, the UK’s CDC and the World Bank put together a frontier market independent power project template.

03 November 2016
Agri/Soft Commodities

Food for thought: Can agricultural traders feed the world?

When the famous Scottish novelist Robert Louis Stevenson opined, “Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant,” he encapsulated the need...

02 November 2016

I Squared lines up Deutsche for Duke Energy Latin America acquisition

US-based infrastructure fund scoops up assets from departing US utility.

28 October 2016
Metals and Mining

Sirius Minerals: Hancock’s potash streaming play

Hancock Prospecting made its reputation in iron ore – and closing a huge ECA-backed project financing. Can it help get a British potash project off the ground?

24 October 2016

Ausgrid: NSW’s transmission privatisation and infrastructure nationalism

Australia’s New South Wales pronounces itself happy with an all-local bid for its prize electricity transmission asset.

18 October 2016

Does the Hinkley Point C financing point to a role for ECAs in new nuclear?

Debt structures for nuclear power plants could evolve beyond government-to-government funding.

14 October 2016

Falvez Energy goes merchant to combine MW and MB

Bringing together data centre and wind farm development, and a merchant wind financing first in Texas.

10 October 2016

Can the RenovAr renewables programme revive project finance in Argentina?

The new renewables programme is highly structured, and has to erase lenders’ memory of Argentina’s past economic struggles.

03 October 2016

The dos and don’ts of African toll road financing

The number of abandoned African toll road projects far outweighs the successful ones. Have development finance lenders worked out how to make financing them work?

30 September 2016

Tsetsii Wind and Japan’s role in Mongolia’s project finance rebirth

The financing for Newcom and Softbank’s Tsetsii wind farm sees Japan take the lead in supporting Mongolia’s power sector.

19 September 2016

Will Aspire Mining’s Northern Railway put flesh on the bones of One Belt, One Road?

Tom Nelthorpe discusses whether China, Russia and Mongolia can work with a small coal mine developer to make a greenfield rail project a reality.

15 September 2016

Moody's report highlights credit quality of export finance loans

Global trade numbers might be floundering, but the quality of export finance is gradually gaining in appreciation, especially since Spain's introduction of export finance...

09 September 2016

What the SH130 bankruptcy says about the state of US infrastructure finance

A Texan bankruptcy court is now examining a restructuring plan for the SH130 toll road, which has become a fascinating case study into the dangers of using Public-Private...

31 August 2016

Orbian: An introduction to distributed ledger technology

Over recent years, the drumbeat of market and media interest in blockchain applications has increased, with ever more reports of the disruptive promises of the new...

10 August 2016

Banks must ‘jump in’ to digital payments innovations

In a world fast moving towards digitalisation, banks are working to adapt the infrastructure of cross-border payments. Partnering with IT players, banks and fintechs can...

01 August 2016

Is the supply chain finance market getting too big?

Does the booming growth of supply chain finance signal a healthy market, or could it pose challenges? Tom Dunn, chairman of leading SCF provider Orbian, shares his...

07 July 2016

One Belt, One Road, many projects

China’s One Belt, One Road initiative spans continents and oceans, and is set to become the largest regional trade network in the world. Financial institutions in China...

21 June 2016

Separating noise from reality in supply chain finance: Tom Dunn, Orbian chairman

On the sidelines of TXF's Trade, Treasury and Fintech conference in London, we caught up with Tom Dunn, chairman of Orbian, getting his perspective on the biggest...

05 May 2016

In conversation: Sace’s Michal Ron

TXF’s Dominik Kloiber caught up with Sace’s head of international business, Michal Ron, to discuss the Italian ECA’s latest push to expand its footprint and product...

03 May 2016

What does the future of trade hold?

Digitalisation is essential for companies looking to enter global trade, a new report finds. Trade stands to make huge efficiency and cost gains from digitalisation, and...