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31 May 2024

Keynote: US Ex-Im Chair Lewis, don’t wait for business to come to you

In advance of her appearance at TXF Global in Athens, Reta Jo Lewis, President and Chair of Export-Import Bank of the United States (US Exim) spoke to TXF about the...

24 May 2024

Hoping for clear skies for transition, innovation, cyber and geopolitics, at BU Oslo

At the Berne Union’s flagship spring meeting in Norway, enthusiasm over opportunities for ECAs on climate and energy transition, technology and innovation, were balanced...

20 May 2024

Keynote: UKEF’s CEO Reid looks through new lenses for exporters

Tim Reid, CEO of UK Export Finance, discusses the lenses through which the ECA will define the success of its new business plan, which builds on its record as the fourth...

10 May 2024

Keynote: Finnvera’s CEO warns on pendulum swings for export finance

Pauli Heikkilä, CEO of Finnvera, reflects on the swinging pendulum for export financing he’s seen in two decades heading Finland’s ECA. Global swings from market forces...

07 May 2024

Exclusive profile: Queen Creole? EBRD's new head of trade facilitation on digitalisation and sustainability

In her first interview since her appointment on 7 May, Shona Tatchell, the new head of trade and supply chain finance, European Bank for Reconstruction & Development...

22 April 2024
Other, Renewables, Transport

Keynote: Eksfin’s CEO on the answers blowing in the wind

How do you have a thriving offshore wind export business when you don’t, technically, have an offshore wind industry? Norway’s exporters are finding the answer, and of...

08 April 2024

Keynote: Ron on SACE’s fully caffeinated export and import strategy

Michal Ron, Chief International Business Officer at SACE, discusses Italy’s record export finance volumes as it moves into ‘fifth gear’ on its ambitious ‘push strategy’....

26 March 2024

Keynote: EIFO’s Lundquist on turning professional pessimism into power

The Export and Investment Fund of Denmark (EIFO) has the ‘gift of wind’ which has helped it position itself as a changemaker in renewable energy financing. But it’s not...

19 March 2024

Keynote: KUKE’s Wladyczak on new instruments for prioritising export support

Janusz Wladyczak, CEO of KUKE, Poland’s export credit agency, highlights KUKE’s enhanced role in supporting reconstruction in Ukraine as conflict continues, the new tools...

15 March 2024

The right tool for the job: BU celebrates 90 years of supporting trade and investment

It may be younger than the Swiss Army knife, but the Berne Union’s stakeholder event reflects on how adept the nonagenarian organisation is at helping support financing...

20 February 2024
Infrastructure, Manufacturing & equipment, Power, Renewables, Telecoms and Communications, Transport, Waste and water

Corporate perspectives: Patience is a virtue for Elecnor's Perez

It’s still positive, and the benefits of the changes in the OECD Arrangement are already showing, says Angela Perez, head of structured finance at Spanish infrastructure...

12 February 2024

Keynote: Pakistan’s new EXIM Bank takes wing

Irfan Bukhari, CEO and president, Export-Import Bank of Pakistan (EXIM Bank) discusses the next steps for the newly inaugurated agency.

05 February 2024

Perspectives: BPL Global’s CEO on Basel endgames, resilience and CPRI

This year is going to be an interesting one for bank capital regulation and credit risk, and the repercussions for the credit and political risk insurance market, and...

01 February 2024

Perspectives: On the way to ‘K-style' development finance with Kexim

Seung-Hoon Lee, director of the new development finance team in the economic development promotion department of Export-Import Bank of Korea (Kexim), discusses the...

23 January 2024
Power, Renewables

Corporate perspectives: Challenges for sustainable power with Wartsila’s Back

A cold snap in Finland has certainly brought fast-starting intermediate power solutions into the spotlight. But it’s way more than a question of how much it costs to keep...

14 December 2023

20 minutes with Daan van Alem, Northland Power

TXF and Proximo speak to Daan van Alem, senior project finance manager at Northland Power, about the intricate financings for Northland's Baltic Power and Hai Long...

07 December 2023

CGI: Green light on trade digitisation, how banks can avoid stalling

Recent legislative developments on trade digitisation in the UK and long-awaited API standards for guarantees and standby LCs from SWIFT and ICC, have given banks the...

08 November 2023

Keynote: EKN’s Jatko on the wisdom of cooperation

As EKN passes its 90th anniversary milestone, celebrating its ‘wise old lady’ status, CEO Anna-Karin Jatko reflects on risks and the need for more cooperation in an...

01 November 2023

Corporate perspective: Fair winds offshore for Northland Power

Daan van Alem, senior project finance manager at Northland Power, discusses the developer’s recent ground breaking Baltic Power and Hai Long offshore wind projects, and...

18 October 2023

EKN: Nimble at ninety

There has been much to celebrate in what has been another record year for EKN at its 90th birthday in a venue that provided plenty of metaphors for the themes of...