The next London Trade Roundtable (LTR) virtual event is entitled ‘Charting a path towards sustainable trade finance’ and takes place Friday 25 June at 12.00-13.30 BST. The event is free to attend. 

Moderator of the session will be former Deutsche Bank commodity banker Tasneem Krueger-Vally, now CEO with KruegerVallyConsulting Ltd and an LTR executive committee member. 

Panellists are: Jason Fox, energy & finance lawyer, Bracewell (UK) LLP; Dr Tom Parkman, head of research at TXF; Professor Navraj Ghaleigh, senior lecturer in climate law at the University of Edinburgh; and, Faycal Tazi, director of commodity finance, MUFG Bank. 

Speaking on the forthcoming event, LTR secretary, Neil McGugan, says: “The years 2020 and 2021 have been historic! The world has experienced a global pandemic, we revolutionised and delivered vaccines at a breakneck pace and we saw the conversation around climate change accelerate and become more mainstream. 

“Looking back to January of this year, President Biden became US President, and one of his first actions was rejoining the Paris Agreement.  75% of the conversations at the WEF were around sustainability, resilience and net zero. May was a rather turbulent month for oil and gas companies, ordered by courts to do more to reduce emissions. One of the key outcomes of the G7 summit at the start of June was improving climate disclosures. We have COP 26 to look forward to in November.

“So what does this all mean for trade finance and commodities, in particular?   Our panel brings together the combined expertise of finance, law, academia and research to unpack the ESG megatrend. We will look at the drivers accelerating the conversations and actions around sustainability; the opportunities and challenges these bring to the sector; and perhaps most importantly how we turn ambition into impact.” 

Please contact Neil McGugan, LTR secretary, if you would like to register for the event: Email: [email protected] Tel:  +44 20 7642 5012  Mob: +44 7712 646249