03 November 2022

FEX meets Exporter returns with Bruckner Group event


After more than two years of waiting, the time has finally come: The FEX meets Exporter event launched at the Brückner Group location in Siegsdorf.

What is FEX? FEX is the Future of Export Finance, an association of around 50 young financing specialists working for German exporters, banks, and Euler Hermes. Its purpose is to collect ideas, talk about current difficulties and challenges, and discuss solutions to problems in export finance. The focus is on supporting each other to face upcoming challenges successfully.

The event kicked off with a relaxed evening event to break the ice after two years away. Delegates from Brückner wanted to introduce visitors to the many faces of Bavaria, so a brewery tour at Hofbräuhaus Traunstein was arranged. Afterwards guests were invited to the Bräustrüberl, where the evening ended with a Reindl meal including roasted pork, sausages, dumplings and cabbage. 

Brückner Group started the next day with a presentation by CFO Maximilian Schneider. This was followed by a tour of Brückner’s laboratory and laboratory film line to illustrate the contents of the presentation. The day went on with speeches on topics including export finance at Brückner Group, current supply chain problems, and geopolitical relationships. After lunch, we took a deep dive into the topic of sustainability and addressed it from the perspectives of the government, represented by Euler Hermes, the banks, and Brückner Group as an exporter.

In conclusion: enthusiastic participants, interesting presentations, and closer ties for the future in the export finance community. Thanks to everybody who all contributed to this great event, especially to Brückner Group for hosting FEX meets Exporter 2023!

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