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05 March 2019

LC LITE work: Streamlining LCs on blockchain

The Letter of Credit (LC) market accounts for $2.3 trillion and has always been dominated by banks. But now, LC LITE has rolled out technological alternatives to LCs by...

18 February 2019

AIIB: Shaping a different DFI offering

The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) has released a downbeat report on the prospects for private infrastructure investment in Asia. But, says Joachim von...

13 February 2019

Lebanon takes advantage of deep roots in trade

Like its national symbol, the cedar tree, Lebanon has deep roots as a regional trade hub. With the right support, the country is poised to benefit from its unique...

04 February 2019

Expert briefing: Brexit, trade, and blockchain

How could blockchain processes have helped streamline the challenges of supply chain management evolving under Brexit? In a paper by R3 and the Global Trade Strategy...

25 January 2019
Infrastructure, Renewables, Transport

Latin infra debt: Adjusting the risk balance

Two historical deals have cast a long shadow in capital markets financing for infrastructure in Latin America, but governments are starting to look beyond them. Is the...

10 January 2019

Red Oak: Switching cost of debt in US power

Morgan Stanley Infrastructure’s recent refinancing of the Red Oak power plant took the asset out of the bond market and into the bank market via a ‘hedge toggle’...

19 December 2018
Power, Renewables

Liquid, not hot, air: Long-term debt for long-term storage

UK-based developer Highview Power thinks that renewables’ increased share of generation will make its liquid air storage technology increasingly attractive. But long-term...

12 December 2018

What price non-recourse debt for US offshore wind?

Balance sheet capacity and strong banking relationships are the best chance the US has of making progress in offshore wind development. While both developers and lenders...

21 November 2018

Rethinking the rules of development financing

A new report on competition within export, ECA-backed and development financing and how some of these practices are distorting the multilateral finance system has just...

14 November 2018
Agri/Soft Commodities, Chemicals/Petrochemicals, Infrastructure, Metals and Mining, Oil & gas, Transport, Waste and water

Commodity logistics boosted by increasing digitisation

Great strides are now being made in enhancing commodity logistics through the use of blockchain in commodity shipments. Jonathan Bell explores some of the recent...

06 November 2018

Shop talk: SMEs drive intra-African trade growth

SMEs are the engine behind Africa’s trade growth – but funding is scarce. Kofi Adomakoh, head of bank guarantees and special finance at Afreximbank, outlines the bank’s...

26 October 2018

Post-Brexit infra investment: Taking the blindfold off

With UK politicians seemingly blindly following the result of the referendum, those at the forefront of infra finance in the country discuss the reality of Brexit and...

12 September 2018
Power, Renewables

Bujagali Energy: An unlikely DFI debt rollover template

In July, Sithe and IPS refinanced the Bujagali hydro project to deliver a cheaper power tariff to the Ugandan government. The process – a rare refinancing for DFIs – also...

06 August 2018
Infrastructure, Oil & gas, Power, Renewables, Transport

Bayfront Infrastructure: Project CLOs old school style

Singapore’s Clifford Capital has closed its first securitisation, and is preparing a second, in a bid to establish an infrastructure CLO franchise. Backed by loans from...

31 July 2018

Reverse factoring: Too little regulation and open to too much abuse

Reverse factoring has been implicated in the demise of two of Europe’s largest corporations – Abengoa and Carillion. Can the holes in reverse factoring accounting...

27 July 2018
Metals and Mining

Fruta del Norte: Lundin Gold’s multi-sourced debt debut

Ecuador’s rehabilitation in financing markets begins with a complex deal for Lundin Gold’s Fruta del Norte mine. The financing combines a stream, a prepay, commercial PRI...

17 July 2018
Telecoms and Communications

KentuckyWired: Testing the line for appropriations risk

A near-death experience for Kentucky's debut US broadband PPP due to rising costs highlights the pitfalls to sponsors of states’ budgeting processes. But PPPs for US...

19 June 2018

LAX People Mover: Bringing private investment into US airports

The private activity bond for a new light rail facility at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) finds a role for a bond insurer, and a role for PPP in developing...

12 June 2018

Paradise gained: MPC Capital’s second-mover advantage

Having just reached financial close on a DFI-backed deal for the Paradise Park solar project in Jamaica, German asset manager MPC is carving itself a reputation as an...

31 May 2018
Oil & gas

Freeport train 3: Refinancing to avoid Toshiba's nuclear fallout

The holding company refinancing for Freeport LNG train 3 shows that banks have not soured on US LNG. But troubled offtakers may force sponsors down less palatable...