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14 January 2020

Keynote: 2020 top five priorities for trade - a strategic view

TXF caught up with Citi’s John Ahearn to find out more about his newly-created role as chairman of trade to oversee strategic investments across the business, and what...

09 January 2020

Keynote: Low Fives to KYC red tape

David Avram, trade and export finance director at Fives talks to TXF about his outlook on the markets in 2020, and how the company structures its export finance...

08 January 2020

Keynote: Teaching risk to rocket scientists at NASA, it’s a blast!

Ahead of TXF Americas next month, TXF caught up with Dr Jeevan Perera, a senior engineer at NASA, to find out how he teaches risk management to rocket scientists.

04 December 2019

Drawing better straws? Pricing sustainability into supply chains

Correctly pricing sustainability into corporate supply chains shouldn’t just be a matter of ticking boxes (or drawing straws). Companies are going to have to use their...

29 November 2019

CPRI market in the process of maturing: TXF talks to Matthew Beckett

Appetite and capacity for credit and political risk insurance (CPRI) has been growing in the past 10 years but may be plateauing as the market matures. Matthew Beckett,...

28 November 2019

Keynotes: In depth with Langlois on the evolution of trade distribution

Nicolas Langlois, Standard Chartered’s global head of trade distribution talks to Katharine Morton about the bank’s recent $1 billion risk-sharing with the IFC to boost...

20 November 2019

SCF: You say tomato, I say tomato, let’s call the whole thing off?

Is it time for supply chain finance to be rebranded? Looking 10 years out is a good way of focusing the mind. Even though there’s a big industry around SCF, will we still...

12 November 2019

A path through the zigs and zags: TXF Commodity Finance Report 2019

This year's edition of TXF’s Commodity Finance Market Report comprises the insights of 173 traders, bankers, alternative financiers, lawyers, brokers, borrowers and...

11 November 2019

How to get the most from CPRI: TXF talks to Boris Jaquet

Boris Jaquet, EMEA Head, distribution, Deutsche Bank talks to TXF’s Katharine Morton about his views of the state of play of the Credit and Political Risk Insurance...

06 November 2019

Get Happy? In protectionism there’s still opportunity, survey says

It’s not often nowadays that trade financiers get a positive survey to chew upon. Stuart Nivison digests HSBC’s latest Navigator Survey with TXF. Is the remarkable degree...

04 November 2019

Finding the sweet spot on trade digitisation and working capital management

Are corporate treasuries, fintechs and banks missing a trick on cross border working capital optimisation and what will the next five years hold? TXF's roundtable...

30 October 2019

Is Incoterms 2020 one for the reference books?

Katharine Morton looks at the relevance of the new Incoterms for the digital future of trade. Is it a step forward or a missed opportunity?

14 October 2019

Corporate perspectives: Roche on the satisfactions of early gpi adoption

Martin Schlageter, head of treasury operations at Roche, the pharmaceutical company based in Switzerland, gives TXF his candid take on SWIFT gpi developments and the...

09 October 2019

US Exim: Politics vs profit

US Exim’s full reauthorisation was expected at the end of last month as glimmers of bipartisan support returned to the US ECA. But now big ticket business is under threat...

04 October 2019

TXF Sibos smooth-down with CGI

TXF's head of trade, treasury and risk, Katharine Morton, spoke with CGI's product manager for trade and supply chain solutions Patrick DeVilbiss about the key trends he...

02 October 2019

Questions on trade at the centre of the Sibos universe

Katharine Morton looks into the sky at Sibos with a guided tour of hyper connectivity, trust, cosmology, trade and eating fairy cakes at the centre of the universe

25 September 2019

TXF Welcomes Sibos to our Manor!

Introducing TXF’s vital guide to Sibos, the issues raised for the future of financing international trade for banks and corporates alike as SWIFT’s leviathan event comes...

18 September 2019

Looking behind the mask on trade finance at ITFA

Katharine Morton ponders the opacities of financing trade, and what lies beneath, revealed at ITFA’s celebration of a mysterious dance of hide and seek

14 August 2019

Key trends revealed in TXF’s H1 2019 export finance report

The TXF half-year 2019 export finance report shows a bullish start to the year in the power sector, Japan’s JBIC coming in as top direct lender and the US and Australia...

07 August 2019

Risky business: Can Europe trade its way out of crisis?

In the fourth of this series of Risky Business podcasts Coriolis Technologies CEO Rebecca Harding talks to TXF’s Katharine Morton about how the internal challenges of the...