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03 August 2022

More countries pursue security of supply of critical minerals

The issue of critical mineral supply is widening as more countries consider putting in place a policy or strategy to maximise domestic and international value. Such...

06 December 2021
Oil & gas, Power, Renewables, Transport

COP26: Looking beyond the headlines

The Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero (GFANZ) took centre stage at COP26. Although initiatives like GFANZ will unlock further capital for green infrastructure,...

25 August 2021

SWIFT’s evolution in digital trade: Balancing trade API-ness?

How is SWIFT’s own digital trade evolution progressing? Will corporates, banks and vendors be on board and does the organisation risk competing with itself? TXF looks to...

28 July 2021

SCF reforms shelved in wake of Greensill inquiry

A UK parliamentary inquiry into the Greensill Capital debacle has concluded the trade fund’s demise does not justify regulatory reforms to the wider supply chain finance...

21 July 2021
Power, Renewables

The energy transition: Second hand isn’t always more sustainable

With oil majors responding to climate pressure by selling assets in a bid to slash emissions fast, emissions are merely being handed down to other companies – possibly...

13 January 2021

Reasons to be cheerful (in trade, treasury and risk in 2021), part one

It’s easy to be gloomy, but a new year is a good point to look to the bright side. Here are some thoughts about why staying in bed for the whole of 2021 will not be the...

09 December 2020

Seaborne trade – not all plain sailing!

The container changed global seaborne trade forever. As consumers we simply expect goods to be transported and arrive, but two major incidents this year reveal the harsh...

28 October 2020

Export finance rolls up its sleeves for business

TXF World Fair delegates have embraced private virtual meetings with 6,700+ private meetings arranged so far! Around the virtual conference business is being done across...

06 May 2020

Top takeaways from TXF Africa Virtual

Last week TXF welcomed 700 export and project finance practitioners to our first fully virtual event – TXF Africa 2020, as Covid-19 changes how the trade community...

05 May 2020

Can DFIs stretch to combating Covid-19 and climate change?

Development banks have been at the forefront of dealing with climate change. Now they’re in the front line of the Covid-19 response. Will the development finance...

29 April 2020

Africa: Going cold turkey from Chinese infra finance addiction?

China’s president, Xi Jinping, pledged $60 billion in 2018 for African development over the next three years. But will the Covid-19 pandemic and global economic downturn...

27 April 2020

Keynote: Berne Union’s President and Secretary General, certain about uncertainty

Beatriz Reguero, President, and Vinco David, Secretary General, of Berne Union, the global export credit and investment insurance industry association, discuss the...

09 January 2020

Keynote: Low Fives to KYC red tape

David Avram, trade and export finance director at Fives talks to TXF about his outlook on the markets in 2020, and how the company structures its export finance...

04 December 2019

Drawing better straws? Pricing sustainability into supply chains

Correctly pricing sustainability into corporate supply chains shouldn’t just be a matter of ticking boxes (or drawing straws). Companies are going to have to use their...

20 November 2019

SCF: You say tomato, I say tomato, let’s call the whole thing off?

Is it time for supply chain finance to be rebranded? Looking 10 years out is a good way of focusing the mind. Even though there’s a big industry around SCF, will we still...

02 October 2019

Questions on trade at the centre of the Sibos universe

Katharine Morton looks into the sky at Sibos with a guided tour of hyper connectivity, trust, cosmology, trade and eating fairy cakes at the centre of the universe

21 August 2019

Big questions surround future of mining in DRC

Glencore’s decision to temporarily mothball the world’s largest cobalt mine in the DRC raises many questions about the state of mining in the central African country....

14 August 2019

Expert Briefing: The cash mirage for funding MNC supply chains

Large companies may actually lack the cash to fund their supply chains effectively, despite surveys saying they are flush with it, and SCF may be being hampered by the...

07 August 2019

Risky business: Can Europe trade its way out of crisis?

In the fourth of this series of Risky Business podcasts Coriolis Technologies CEO Rebecca Harding talks to TXF’s Katharine Morton about how the internal challenges of the...

17 July 2019

Mind the gaps: On trillions, trade and financing women-owned and run businesses

TXF talks to Makiko Toyoda and Jessica Schnabel, the women who are spearheading the development of IFC’s latest initiative to raise access to trade finance for...