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12 October 2022

Putting deal origination at the heart of the matter

The TXF Dealmakers Assembly is a new and exciting conference taking place in Berlin on 26-27 October. Join us in this revamped format which puts networking and dealmaking...

06 September 2018
Agri/Soft Commodities, Infrastructure, Manufacturing & equipment, Metals and Mining, Oil & gas, Power, Renewables, Telecoms and Communications, Transport, Waste and water

Learning the ways of ECA finance

ECA finance is often complex, with each transaction varying from deal to deal. TXF spoke with Francisco Anzola, Principal at CC Solutions, to find out why ECA training is...

02 March 2018
Agri/Soft Commodities, Infrastructure, Manufacturing & equipment, Metals and Mining, Oil & gas, Power, Renewables, Telecoms and Communications, Transport, Waste and water

European export finance 2017: Get the facts – not the fiction

TXF has released its European export finance results for 2017 – and the figures throw up some surprises. Average deal volume size was double that of 2016, and despite...

13 September 2017

Full digital disruption needs culture change from banks

The partnership between banks and digital providers is growing, but does it guarantee digital growth and inventory savings for trade finance, or is it all for show?

01 September 2017

Getting comfortable: HSBC’s blockchain evolution

Vivek Ramachandran, HSBC commercial banking’s global head of growth and innovation, outlines the bank’s developments and goals within the blockchain trade tech space.

23 August 2017

Blockchain or blocked chain?

What happens to a blockchain proof of concept (PoC) after delivery? TXF looks back at the prototypes that didn’t progress, those that still might, and questions whether...

15 August 2017
Oil & gas

Aceh Block A: Spark in a gas-free borrowing climate

MedcoEnergi is syndicating a very rare reserves based loan for the Aceh Block A gas project. With Indonesian gas production dwindling and energy demand increasing, the...

01 August 2017
Oil & gas, Transport

Bridging the gap: Exporters look elsewhere as US Ex-Im is unable to provide

US Ex-Im has been without authority to approve transactions above $10 million for over 18 months, provoking huge changes for some of Ex-Im’s largest clients. However,...

27 July 2017
Infrastructure, Oil & gas, Transport

Risk or reward: Is Iran bankable?

Some economic sanctions were lifted 18 months ago and Iran is open and keen for business. However, the commercial bank sector is far from tapping into the immense...

27 July 2017

Registration open for 44th International Trade and Forfaiting Conference

The 44th International Trade and Forfaiting Conference is to be held in Edinburgh in early September, set to play host to a large trade finance crowd.

27 July 2017

Berne Union releases July newsletter

The latest issue of The Bulletin, a bi-monthly source of news, views and statistics from the international credit and investment insurance industry, is available now...

03 July 2017

Digital Trade Chain: An incomplete solution to SME funding puzzle

Digital Trade Chain - a consortium of Europe’s seven largest banks - has chosen IBM to design a platform to simplify trade finance processes for SMEs. But will it be able...

30 June 2017

US Ex-Im: Back with the big bucks?

Unable to approve transactions of more than $10 million for over a year now, the two Trump nominees for the new US Ex-Im quorum have sent a mixed message to the...

21 June 2017

Shop talk: What next for blockchain and trade?

R3 is best known in trade as the driver behind the R3 blockchain consortium, comprising 80 financial institutions on R3's Corda digital ledger. Todd McDonald, R3...

20 June 2017

Indian solar: How low can it go?

India has experienced record low bids for solar concessions over the past year. While that is good news for offtakers – how low can offers go before they stop being...

15 June 2017

AML tech: Are regulators stuck in the past?

AML requirements are getting tighter and more costly for banks. But uptake of cost-cutting technology is slow – and for once it is regulators rather than banks that are...

13 June 2017

Australia's IFU: A bright spark - but what kind?

Despite a growing deficit and the announcement of a $55 billion infrastructure budget for the next 10 years, the Australian government is adopting the CEFC template and...

12 June 2017

TXF Africa talk: The challenges in energy

TXF caught up with Jeff Murage, programme coordinator at KfW bank, as he discusses his energy portfolio and the challenges he see's in widening Africa's energy and...

07 June 2017

TXF Africa talk: Health Solutions International

TXF caught up with Dr Isabella Ipiu, director and founder of Health Solutions International, and global health fellow with the University of California Global Health...

05 June 2017

TXF Africa talk: RMB on export credit and project finance

TXF caught up with Inal Henry, export credit finance and project finance head at RMB, on their sub-Saharan initiatives and mandate.