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02 September 2021
Infrastructure, Transport

“We’re not MI6” – why banks and the trade ecosystem need holistic screening technology

No organisation wants to end up blacklisted or facing criminal charges and reputational damage, but how can a bank, lender or insurer know that what it has financed or...

23 August 2021

Blended finance: a solution to the SDG funding puzzle?

Blended finance could be a significant part of the funding solution in meeting the UN's SDGs. But to pull in private sector investment in the volume needed, and the time...

05 August 2021

Stages for Change: ‘We have an opportunity to do something good’

In this week’s edition of the Stages for Change interview series, Eavie Burnett speaks with SWIFT’s Louise Taylor-Digby on the impact that a career in trade can have, and...

21 July 2021
Power, Renewables

The energy transition: Second hand isn’t always more sustainable

With oil majors responding to climate pressure by selling assets in a bid to slash emissions fast, emissions are merely being handed down to other companies – possibly...

28 June 2021

Making the right connections

You can count the number of true project financings for European and UK interconnectors on one hand. But following changes to regulation, and more expected to follow in...

23 June 2021
Oil & gas, Power, Renewables

Hydrogen: The fuel of the future (with heavy subsidy)

Hydrogen projects are ballooning given the stronger focus on energy transition from policymakers and energy majors in the wake of the pandemic. But where’s the level of...

14 June 2021

Commodity finance: The weighty consequences of compliance

With the events of 2020 having further complicated an industry issue which was already considered to be a hurdle, bank compliance is in danger of leaving SMEs and the...

07 June 2021

TXF World Fair 2021: Global heads of export finance question time debate

Tomorrow marks the launch of the annual TXF Export Finance World Fair and the export finance community is all set to come together virtually from all corners of the globe...

21 April 2021

TXF ECA-backed Deals of the Year results

With numerous deals submitted for the TXF Export Finance ECA-backed Perfect 10 and heavy voting through, the shortlist provided some excellent deals and...

19 April 2021

TXF Research’s Export Finance Industry Awards 2021

From speedy deal gestations to the calibre of an ECA's product offering, the Export Finance Industry Awards 2021 recognises industry excellence based on the banking and...

14 April 2021
Agri/Soft Commodities, Chemicals/Petrochemicals, Infrastructure, Manufacturing & equipment, Metals and Mining, Oil & gas, Other, Power, Renewables, Telecoms and Communications, Transport, Waste and water

ESG: Is the G silent for ECAs?

The G for governance is often silent in discussions of ESG, Environment, Social and Governance. TXF tries to unpick this and its importance for supply chain management...

30 March 2021

What cost Brexit?

Brexit has been largely overshadowed by pandemic economic angst in the UK infrastructure sector. The additional bureaucracy will mean additional cost, but quantifying how...

25 March 2021

Looking for the commodity finance upside

So many negative stories have hit the commodity finance sector through the past year. But it is definitely not all doom and gloom, as the big traders get stronger and the...

17 March 2021

Time for more transparency in trade finance

The Greensill bankruptcy is raising a host of questions about transparency and the role of the trade and supply chain finance industry, regulators, asset managers and...

16 March 2021

TCFD: Too complex for delivery in export finance?

The Global Export Finance Industry Report 2021 found that export finance banks (59%), ECAs (59%), and buyers (54%) were most likely to have some knowledge of Task Force...

10 March 2021

Guest opinion: Supply chain finance – reputation in tatters? Deserved or just deflection?

Supply chain finance and particularly payables finance is back in the spotlight after the news flow on Greensill. Is this the death knell for the product or is it a case...

09 March 2021

The fall of Greensill Capital: Lessons learned from a credit insurance perspective

Robert Deeley, managing director at PolFin, a specialist credit and political risk insurance broker, takes a closer look at the lessons industry practitioners can learn...

25 February 2021

ECAs and the once elusive SME: Hunting the Snark?

What has Covid meant for ECAs and their ability to attract smaller companies? How are ECAs responding to the needs of these new clients and how are they broadening their...

19 February 2021

Danske Commodities: Green is the new grey

TXF spoke with Tor Mosegaard, head of European power trading at Danske Commodities, to discuss the Danish energy trading house’s role in accelerating the energy...

28 January 2021
Oil & gas, Power, Transport

Nord Stream 2 – completion is so near and yet so far

The Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project between Russia and Germany has only 150 kilometres of pipeline left to lay, but increased sanctions from the US and now calls to...