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26 April 2019

ADB's bid to standardise Suspicious Activity Reports in trade finance

TXF spoke with Steven Beck, head of trade and supply chain finance at the Asian Development Bank (ADB), to find out more about the development bank’s year-on-year growth...

24 April 2019

Powering up for business in Iraq

The defeat of Daesh in Syria and Iraq can hopefully provide greater impetus to new business in Iraq. What is critical now is consolidation of security for the rebuilding...

17 April 2019

Tapping fingers on the table for China trade at the ICC

TXF joined the ICC Banking Commission in Beijing as it celebrates a century of the institution whose founders were dubbed the ‘merchants of peace’. Katharine Morton...

10 April 2019

Corporate Perspectives: Talking digital Asia trade and treasury with GE

Manu Taneja, director of regional cash & banking, APAC at GE Corporate Treasury in Singapore sees a role for traditional trade finance in Asia, but digitisation will be...

27 March 2019
Agri/Soft Commodities, Infrastructure, Metals and Mining, Oil & gas, Power, Renewables, Telecoms and Communications, Transport, Waste and water

Playing by the book: Learning lessons from the attack on Norsk Hydro cyber security

A week in the life of a cyber security crisis for the aluminium company Norsk Hydro raises interesting questions. Following a cyber-playbook type approach in terms of...

20 March 2019

A sigh of relief for trade insurance market as PRA time bomb defused

Successful lobbying by trade finance insurers, lawyers, banks and industry bodies has helped the sector dodge the danger of a PRA consultation paper that could have...

20 March 2019

No going back to the old normal before trade wars in Asia

Corporate supply chains are now accommodating trade wars, but things will not go back to where they were once peace breaks out. Katharine Morton takes the Asian...

13 March 2019

Changing horses mid race: When SCF programmes switch owners

The proposed move of GE Capital’s SCF programme to MUFG raises many questions. How does 'porting' SCF from one provider work (or not), and what makes a corporate choose a...

13 March 2019

TXF FIT MasterZone to launch in Singapore on 9 May

TXF's Financing International Trade (FIT) MasterZone will have its inaugural outing in what is fast becoming the most dynamic and exciting hub for trade, treasury and...

25 February 2019

Trade as an asset class: A troublesome best friend?

What is stopping trade finance becoming an easy-to-buy-and-sell asset class? For all the hype, what continues to turn something that should be straightforward into...

13 February 2019

Lebanon takes advantage of deep roots in trade

Like its national symbol, the cedar tree, Lebanon has deep roots as a regional trade hub. With the right support, the country is poised to benefit from its unique...

06 February 2019

Interesting catch: Why MUFG is taking on GE Capital’s TPS

Taking on an active corporate supply chain finance programme can be a daunting prospect. When that one is the size of GE Capital’s Trade Payables Services, it changes the...

30 January 2019

Keynote: Deutsche’s Schmidt – from export financier to ‘project manager’

Werner Schmidt, Deutsche Bank’s new head of structured trade and export finance discusses how he sees his role morphing given the increasing complexity and longer lead...

21 January 2019

Calmer times for the chameleon banks

BAFT Europe heralds another year of change in store, underpinned by confident banks, secure in their brands and their ability to partner rather than defend from fintechs.

04 January 2019

Risky Business: Africa terrorism, regime risks and corruption but still relative stability

TXF and Coriolis Technologies’ country risk index investigates the trends in trade weaponization in Africa. Rebecca Harding, CEO of Coriolis Technologies points to...

20 December 2018

Is the new US development finance agency taking a knife to a gunfight?

The IDFC — which could eventually incorporate US Exim — will see the US try to take on the Chinese development banks at their own game. TXF asks how that will play out...

17 December 2018

Risky Business: MENA and GCC foreign policy risks rise in unusual places

TXF and Coriolis Technologies’ country risk index investigates the trends in trade weaponization in MENA and GCC. MENA and GCC foreign policy risks rise outside the usual...

12 December 2018

What’s moved the dial in trade and treasury tech in 2018?

Recorded webinar - We reflected on 2018 and asked what actually made a difference in trade technology in the past year and picked out the highlights amid the hype.

05 December 2018

Risky Business: Brexit ups the rhetoric of trade weaponization in Europe

TXF and Coriolis Technologies’ country risk index digs deep into the strategic trends in militarisation of trade. In this section Rebecca Harding, CEO of Coriolis...

04 December 2018

Risky business: Arms imports up in surprising places in Asia

TXF and Coriolis Technologies’ country risk index digs into strategic trends in trade weaponization in Asia. Here, Rebecca Harding, CEO of Coriolis Technologies sees Asia...