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20 June 2022
Agri/Soft Commodities, Oil & gas

TXF Global Amsterdam: Live audience survey results

Last month over 60 delegates at TXF’s Global Commodity Finance event in Amsterdam were quizzed on the major trends impacting the market. Here’s what they said.

16 June 2022

IfTI: Jansen on reforming OECD Consensus

TXF caught up with Marion Jansen, director of the trade and agriculture directorate at the OECD to discuss where the Consensus on export credit can be further reformed,...

15 June 2022

TXF Lisbon: Top takeaways and DoY awards results

We take a quick look at some of the top takeaways from the biggest gathering of the export and project finance community in the world, TXF Global Export, Agency and...

15 June 2022
Infrastructure, Power, Transport

The market for green loans & ESG-tied debt

There is a raft of different metrics to measure sustainability and the SDGs - LMA green loans, equator principles, ICMA bond principles and EU taxonomy, to name a few....

14 June 2022
Infrastructure, Power

Is Term SOFR the new dollar Libor?

The global project finance market looks set to replace one forward-looking dollar benchmark interest rate with another. Is Term SOFR effectively USD Libor with a new lick...

13 June 2022

Revving it up! TXF Export Finance Deals of the Year

Deals of the Year – the TXF Perfect 10 – are a time for celebration! Here, we reveal the winners of the Export Finance Deals of the Year, for transactions signed in 2021....

13 June 2022
Manufacturing & equipment, Oil & gas

IfTI: How's the Dutch ECA market faring?

On the sidelines of the IfTI Trade Symposium at Offenburg University last month, TXF spoke with Astrid Bronswijk, head of export finance and investment guarantees at the...

13 June 2022
Metals and Mining

Ground net zero?

Growth of metals and rare earths mining is crucial to building out the renewables infrastructure required to meet the Paris climate goals. But short-termism and liquidity...

08 June 2022

Closely held cards for CPRI

In a tale of closely held cards, sensitivities and ripple effects, TXF takes a look behind a complicated CPRI market. What’s really happening in the private insurance...

01 June 2022

Metals and mining at the crucial sustainability crossroads

In the push to decarbonisation and achieving greater sustainability, the metals and mining sector is very much in the spotlight. Many of the challenges are uphill and...

31 May 2022
Oil & gas, Transport

LNG tankers: A ballooning ECA space?

ECA-backed non-cruise deals accounted for a total deal volume of $5 billion in the shipping sector in 2021. But that figure is expected to rise as the war in Ukraine...

30 May 2022

Digitising trade credit insurance

Ben Heaney, CEO of credit insurance e-trading platform Dialogue, shines the spotlight on the progress of digitally transforming the insurance side of the credit insurance...

27 May 2022
Agri/Soft Commodities, Oil & gas, Renewables

How is climate finance incorporating ‘just transition’?

Although there is no widely accepted definition of just transition, the agenda is gaining popularity among DFIs, MDBs and impact investors, particularly in the emerging...

25 May 2022
Agri/Soft Commodities, Other

TXF Global Commodity Finance 2022: The top takeaways

After two days of content and networking in Amsterdam, TXF presents the hot takes of TXF Global Commodity Finance 2022!

24 May 2022

CMOC Brazil secures $600m niobium PXF for security of strategic metal supply

A landmark deal for CMOC Brazil provides what is the largest structured commodity finance deal for niobium the market has seen, and demonstrates the importance of...

19 May 2022

ECAs to propel cruise sector recovery

The impact of the suspension of cruising in 2020 had far-reaching effects across the sector, however a full recovery is on the horizon – with ECA support re-emerging as a...

18 May 2022

PSF: IsDB’s private sector bonanza

On 2-4 June, the IsDB Group’s Private Sector Forum 2022 in Egypt will gather key industry players to discuss what opportunities and financial solutions private sector...

17 May 2022
Metals and Mining

How can banks avoid a lending crisis and accelerate economic growth?

Converging market forces threaten to create a global lending crisis and prevent economic growth. Tradeteq CEO Christoph Gugelmann explores the future of trade finance and...

13 May 2022

Picking up speed! TXF Commodity Finance Deals of the Year

Deals of the Year – the TXF Perfect 10 – are a time for celebration! Here, we reveal the winners of the Commodity Finance Deals of the Year, for transactions signed in...

11 May 2022

Petrochemicals: Next year's model

Is increasing petrochemicals price volatility going to force re-evaluation of past petchems project finance models? It already is.