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01 March 2022
Oil & gas

ANOPC: A partial sovereign solution

Egypt’s state-owned oil refiner Assiut National Oil Processing Company sealed an innovative $1.5 billion ECA-covered loan to back the Assiut oil refinery expansion...

25 February 2022
Agri/Soft Commodities, Chemicals/Petrochemicals, Infrastructure, Manufacturing & equipment, Metals and Mining, Oil & gas, Other, Power, Renewables, Telecoms and Communications, Transport, Waste and water

TXF Trade Risk Briefing: There is no such thing as a winnable trade war

WATCH ON DEMAND. Rebecca Harding, CEO of Coriolis Technologies discusses the very fluid situation in Ukraine with TXF in regards to how it impacts global trade – from the...

23 February 2022
Metals and Mining

Rio Tinto’s workplace report shows toxic culture prevails

The publishing of some shocking statistics in Rio Tinto’s Report into workplace culture has sparked a much-needed discussion around the necessity of a cultural re-haul –...

22 February 2022

Greek project finance on the mend

Since the country's financial meltdown, project finance lending in Greece has slowly made a comeback in tandem with DFI support for a growing renewable energy and PPP...

18 February 2022
Metals and Mining

Metallurgical and thermal coal: Different cokes for different folks?

Provisional results from TXF's annual Export Finance Industry Survey indicate that the retreat by export finance banks and ECAs from coal is very real. But it is also...

17 February 2022

Why can't commodity traders be more ESG transparent?

At the end of 2021, Bunge closed an amendment and extension of its ESG-tied loan, boasting more ambitious KPIs and a higher margin reduction if sustainability goals are...

16 February 2022
Metals and Mining

Shalina Resources: The offtake impact

In securing a $600 million loan from Trafigura to finance its mining operations in the DRC, producer Shalina Resources is not only using secondary bank financing in a...

16 February 2022
Power, Renewables, Transport

Frank talking for ECAs on ESG: On comparing apples and pears

Export credit agencies are still finding their way on how to deliver sustainable export finance in a measurable, consistent and transparent way. Collaboration is...

14 February 2022

Mobilising capital for emerging markets in a new way

With an investment from Netherland’s largest pension fund manager APG, Amsterdam-based fund management group ILX has launched an emerging market focused private credit...

09 February 2022

Margin gauge: Turkish banks’ borrowing costs rise

Pricing guidance on the widely anticipated Akbank refinancing is as predicted – a slight jump on the borrower's 2021 deal. For international banks in search of yield,...

07 February 2022

Sullivan: A new guide to risk management in trade, export and commodity finance

Sam Fowler-Holmes, partner, and Jacqueline Cook, senior knowledge development lawyer, trade and export finance, kick off Sullivan's first seminar of 2022.

02 February 2022
Power, Renewables

Sustainability in export finance – the push for change

The volume of sustainable deals within the export finance sector is growing. But to take this forward positively across all industrial sectors a sensible debate with a...

31 January 2022
Power, Renewables

ADB’s ETM: Incentivising the retreat from coal

ADB’s Energy Transition Mechanism (ETM) – a funding vehicle to ‘phase out’ coal while scaling up renewables in southeast Asia – has lofty goals which pre-date COP26. But...

28 January 2022

EXIM Hungary: Old mission, new strategy, expanded role

EXIM Hungary’s new five-year strategy, which will run until 2026, anchors the Hungarian ECA’s future development in education and cooperation. TXF spoke with Gergely...

26 January 2022
Chemicals/Petrochemicals, Oil & gas, Power, Renewables

LNG: Price goes up as growth goes down in China

Seasonal price volatility is causing Chinese LNG buyers to seek out more long-term contracts for the greener fossil fuel gas, but high prices also mean growth will slow...

24 January 2022

A change of Uzbek wind speed and direction?

Although not the first utility-scale wind project to be awarded in Uzbekistan, the Nukus wind project could prove to be the pathfinder for future wind tenders and...

20 January 2022
Oil & gas

Mercuria: Asian loan market bounces back for commodity traders

Mercuria returned to the Asian loan market for its annual revolver at the end of last year. But this time round the trader upsized the facility by nearly twice the debt...

19 January 2022

Getting on with it: Financing international trade in 2022

What will be the key words for financing trade this year? If last year was all about resilience and pivoting will this year be picking yourself up, dusting yourself off,...

18 January 2022

TXF discussion: Support for UK exporters in 2022

1 February 2022, 14:00 GMT. Register now for this exclusive virtual roundtable discussion where a panel of regulators and financiers look at practical solutions for...

17 January 2022
Agri/Soft Commodities

Canal Sugar Company: On-lend to blend

The multi-currency financing for the Canal Sugar Project, a scheme that combines land reclamation for a farm roughly three times the size of Luxembourg with a beet...

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