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26 February 2020

Coronavirus and global trade: In viro veritas?

The new coronavirus, Covid-19, is shining a light on just how connected global trade is to the world’s second largest economy. TXF takes a look at how China will...

24 February 2020

Keynote: Finnvera CEO on cruising concentration risk

Finnvera’s CEO Pauli Heikkila talks to TXF about how the Finnish ECA’s increased exposure to the cruise ship sector drove much of its stellar growth in 2019. Should...

19 February 2020

Taiwanese offshore wind: Shaking the local bank funding tree

The Taiwanese offshore wind market is on course to emulate another bumper year of ECA-backed project finance prowess in 2020. But not all is as it seems on this nascent...

14 February 2020

Is Poland’s offshore wind market project finance-friendly?

The Polish offshore wind market is gathering pace. Although questions around local content requirements, local liquidity and local currency-denominated PPAs need to be...

02 January 2020

Shoptalk: Marsh on mergers, markets and 2020

TXF spoke with Marcus Miller, leader of Marsh's global lenders solution group to discuss the broker's recent merger with JLT, as well as the health of the credit and...

20 November 2019

SCF: You say tomato, I say tomato, let’s call the whole thing off?

Is it time for supply chain finance to be rebranded? Looking 10 years out is a good way of focusing the mind. Even though there’s a big industry around SCF, will we still...

06 November 2019

Get Happy? In protectionism there’s still opportunity, survey says

It’s not often nowadays that trade financiers get a positive survey to chew upon. Stuart Nivison digests HSBC’s latest Navigator Survey with TXF. Is the remarkable degree...

28 October 2019

Expert briefing: Do you know where your money is?

Ann Rutledge, CEO of CreditSpectrum, reflects on the graveyards of ABCP and looks at the dangers of the debt capital markets’ obsessive fixation on origination and...

21 October 2019

Expert briefing: How the new Incoterms 2020 rules will affect the supply chain and logistics industries

Bob Ronai, who owns and runs the nearly 20,000 strong LinkedIn group on Incoterms and is member of the ICC's Incoterms 2020 Drafting Group, highlights what the revised...

02 October 2019

Questions on trade at the centre of the Sibos universe

Katharine Morton looks into the sky at Sibos with a guided tour of hyper connectivity, trust, cosmology, trade and eating fairy cakes at the centre of the universe

25 September 2019

TXF Welcomes Sibos to our Manor!

Introducing TXF’s vital guide to Sibos, the issues raised for the future of financing international trade for banks and corporates alike as SWIFT’s leviathan event comes...

18 September 2019

Looking behind the mask on trade finance at ITFA

Katharine Morton ponders the opacities of financing trade, and what lies beneath, revealed at ITFA’s celebration of a mysterious dance of hide and seek

21 August 2019

Big questions surround future of mining in DRC

Glencore’s decision to temporarily mothball the world’s largest cobalt mine in the DRC raises many questions about the state of mining in the central African country....

24 July 2019

China’s Cofco ups the ante with sustainability-linked loan

Cofco has signed the largest loan for an agri trading company yet which is linked to sustainability elements. Jonathan Bell examines this growing trend within...

10 July 2019

Hydrocarbons sector remains a lynchpin of bank financing

Despite some of the legal challenges taking place in the US, financiers can be expected to remain committed to the huge volume of hydrocarbons financing which will take...

10 July 2019
Metals and Mining

DRC: Learning from the pitfalls of small-scale mining

Small-scale miners in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) produce one third of the country’s cobalt amid dubious environmental and ethical standards. But can...

01 July 2019

Tasting multilateralism in China trade

In advance of the ICC World Banking Commission annual meeting in Beijing, TXF gathered China financial experts and corporates to talk about financing China trade....

19 June 2019

Identity crisis (and the SWIFT way out?)

Just who are you? TXF contemplates trust in trade and the bumblebee in KYC. Some commercial KYC solutions are struggling, but SWIFT is coming into the game for corporate...

19 June 2019

European solar: Panel beaters

European solar is predicted to balloon again in the next two years. But with the move to merchant, a relatively seminal corporate PPA market, development of...

16 May 2019
Telecoms and Communications

US fibre plays catch-up with Europe

US state and federal governments are starting to get serious about encouraging digital infrastructure development. But investors familiar with European fibre-to-the-home...