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27 February 2020

The great project debt puzzle

The aspirations of the EU Green Deal and the bloc's adoption of CRD IV are contradictions that leave lenders and borrowers confused - and more significantly a potential...

08 October 2019

Virginia issues permits for four solar projects

Virginia’s Department of Environmental Quality has issued permits for the development and operation of four new solar plants across the state. The four projects...

10 January 2019

Red Oak: Switching cost of debt in US power

Morgan Stanley Infrastructure’s recent refinancing of the Red Oak power plant took the asset out of the bond market and into the bank market via a ‘hedge toggle’...

12 December 2018

Petit to join Investec project finance team

Frederic Petit is to join Investec’s project finance department on January 3 as the company looks to build its presence in the Americas. Petit has spent over 12...

21 August 2018
Metals and Mining

Multi-sourcing: Latin miners shop around for debt

Improved metals pricing is incentivising miners in Latin America to take mothballed projects back into development. But environmental opposition, labour disputes and...

31 May 2018

Cloquet appointed new chair of EBF export credit working group

Bruno Cloquet has recently been appointed as chairman of the European Banking Federation (EBF) Export Credit Working Group, replacing the previous chair, Ralph Lerch....

22 May 2018

Lerch hired by DZ Bank export finance

Ralph Lerch has joined DZ Bank's international trade & export finance team in Frankfurt. He will report to Winfried Münch, global head of trade & export...

10 April 2018
Agri/Soft Commodities, Infrastructure, Manufacturing & equipment, Metals and Mining, Oil & gas, Power, Renewables, Telecoms and Communications, Transport, Waste and water

New SACE: Listening pays

Since the CDP-SACE-SIMEST restructuring in 2012, SACE has transformed from tired state relic into one of the world’s leading providers of export credit cover. It has the...

05 April 2017

Getting the balance right: EBF advocating wider ECA exemptions to leverage ratios

Despite progress last year, key clauses in the Capital Requirement Regulation Leverage Ratio (CRR LR) regime still threaten to hit the availability and cost of European...

25 November 2016

EU proposal amends CRD 4 and CRR rules

The export finance community can begin to breathe a sigh of relief after the EU Commission this week proposed several amendments to the CRD 4 and CRR rules, which if...

10 November 2016

The era of regulation – part two

There is little doubt about the stabilising function of Export Credit Agency-backed export finance for exports during crisis times as the post-2008 renaissance...

16 August 2016

Commerzbank expands export finance team to meet ‘growth’

Commerzbank has expanded and repositioned its export finance department in order to become an even bigger player in the ECA market, as Africa and Russia look set to...

23 February 2016

ING expanding in commodities lending as others retreat

Netherlands-headquartered ING Group is looking to grow in commodity trade finance amid a retreat by other European banks, which are put off by tougher regulatory...

12 October 2015

The era of trade regulation

Ralph Lerch, chair of the European Banking Federation’s export credit working group, and global head of export finance at Commerzbank, discusses the shifting tectonics of...

05 May 2015

Gert van Melkebeke to join Commerzbank’s senior export finance team

Gert Van Melkebeke will be joining Commerzbank’s structured export and trade finance BeNeLux (Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg) France division as a senior export...

23 December 2014

TXF German market export finance survey – Commerzbank interview

In October 2014 TXF held an export finance roundtable in Frankfurt – which was attended by some 90 guests, with a good split of exporters, banks and representatives from...

01 September 2014

Zimbabwe’s FBC Bank gets boost with syndicated loan

Zimbabwe’s FBC Bank (FBC) has received a significant boost in its liquidity profile with a $60 million loan arranged by a syndicate of local and international banks. The...

19 June 2014

ICC Trade Register Report 2014 provides robust data to benefit global trade

Today, the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) released its Trade Register Report 2014. The empirical evidence from the report points to the fact that trade and...

01 May 2014

Short-term export credit capacity

Capacity in short-term credit insurance has been steadily returning since the 2008 global financial crisis (GFC) and premiums have recovered. According to Berne Union’s...

08 November 2013

Export finance head interview – Commerzbank

TXF talks to Commerzbank about some of the major trends impacting the export credit sector at the present time.