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06 May 2021
Infrastructure, Power, Transport

Decarbonising shipping: What gets measured gets managed

With 80% of world trade requiring shipping to one degree or another, it is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. So what can be done to facilitate the green...

29 March 2021

Guest opinion: Post-Greensill - pondering the rise and fall of ponderables

Peter Lugli, a supply chain finance expert and a veteran of Ariba, Amazon Business and Prime Revenue, takes a closer look at the financial engineering employed by...

10 March 2021

Guest opinion: Supply chain finance – reputation in tatters? Deserved or just deflection?

Supply chain finance and particularly payables finance is back in the spotlight after the news flow on Greensill. Is this the death knell for the product or is it a case...

09 March 2021

The fall of Greensill Capital: Lessons learned from a credit insurance perspective

Robert Deeley, managing director at PolFin, a specialist credit and political risk insurance broker, takes a closer look at the lessons industry practitioners can learn...

01 March 2021

Time to look beyond China for the future of trade

Jesse Chenard, CEO of MonetaGo, a fintech which mitigates trade fraud, explores the rise of smaller trade routes in the APAC region and the ways of which digitisation of...

01 December 2020

Exclusive: ICC rolls out ambitious new export finance sustainability initiative

The ICC Global Export Finance Committee’s Sustainability Working Group is out to market with an ambitious initiative: to engage the export finance community in a...

12 November 2020
Oil & gas, Power

Trade finance: oiling the wheels of global trade

Trade finance has many challenges to overcome and the sector knows where it needs to target with this overhaul. Tackling these areas to improve the trade climate will not...

23 October 2020

Expert briefing: Assessing the possible impact of a hard Brexit

With last minute trade discussions ongoing, the potential of the UK leaving the EU in a ‘no deal’ situation is very real. Whatever the scenario, the wrench from the EU...

13 October 2020

Huemul: A taste of DFI debt

The Huemul renewable financing in Chile - the second phase of Mainstream's Andes Renovables portfolio of wind and solar projects - has significant DFI backing despite its...

05 August 2020

TXF Stages for Change 2020: Top takeaways and actions

On 17 July, TXF gathered a diverse group of trade finance professionals to celebrate our female and minority leaders. TXF’s Eavie Burnett highlights a few of the...

01 July 2020

Stages for Change: Diversifying management in trade & export finance

From entry-level hiring and management promotion to ECA and DFI mandates, TXF’s Stages for Change series examines the role the trade and export finance industries must...

13 May 2020
Oil & gas

Stuck in the great oil game!

The oversupply of crude oil coupled with the massive fall in demand due to Covid-19 has led historically low prices. What is the impact of this and who are the winners...

27 April 2020

A gateway to digital deal-making: TXF Africa goes live

Our first fully integrated virtual event is now live for delegates to view

18 February 2020

Commodity finance: Traders stir up the funding mix

The commodity trade finance funding mix is evolving. Growing regulation, the rise of alternative funds and all things ESG have contributed to the decline in deal volume...

25 November 2019

Expert briefing: Shielding supply chains

Amid growing scrutiny on working capital optimisation and sustainability of corporates’ supply chains, payables finance is more popular than ever. Christian Hausherr,...

18 November 2019

Expert briefing: The evolution of payment tracking

Payments are the lifeblood of any company. But for years, corporate treasurers have faced a big challenge when sending or receiving money across borders - the lack of...

15 November 2019

Expert briefing: EU trade agreement with Mercosur, trade and sustainability

Matthew Townsend and Jonathan Benson from Allen & Overy outline some of the key points of the EU-Mercosur Association Agreement, focusing on sustainability issues which...

14 November 2019

Sponsored editorial: "With eSpeedtrack, it's quick and easy to get a buyer's credit!"

Raiffeisen Bank International (RBI) is one of Austria's leading banks with a strong focus on export finance. With eSpeedtrack, RBI has now launched a small-ticket buyer’s...

21 October 2019

Expert briefing: How the new Incoterms 2020 rules will affect the supply chain and logistics industries

Bob Ronai, who owns and runs the nearly 20,000 strong LinkedIn group on Incoterms and is member of the ICC's Incoterms 2020 Drafting Group, highlights what the revised...

15 October 2019

ICC: Working together in trade to tackle compliance

Olivier Paul, director of finance for development at the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) explains the need to comply with mounting regulation and compliance...