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13 October 2022
Oil & gas

LNG carriers to tap Korean ECA support

A multitude of LNG carrier vessel contracts that were signed in the beginning of the year will now start reaching financing stages, TXF understands. With the big three...

14 September 2022

ECA strategy: Can US EXIM raise its global game?

The most recent edition of US EXIM’s Competitiveness Report makes plain that although US EXIM medium- and long-term support has grown since obtaining a quorum in 2019,...

13 July 2022
Oil & gas

Analysis of ECA bank exposure to Russia update

TXF Intelligence analysed the exposures of western banks to the Russian ECA-backed loan market at the outbreak of war in Ukraine. But now, TXF can pit our data against...

21 June 2022

Aviation volumes take off as ECAs up offerings

Evolution of support - including payment holidays, waivers and concessions - provided by ECAs has been key to the recovery, and return to growth, of the aviation sector...

20 June 2022
Agri/Soft Commodities, Oil & gas

TXF Global Amsterdam: Live audience survey results

Last month over 60 delegates at TXF’s Global Commodity Finance event in Amsterdam were quizzed on the major trends impacting the market. Here’s what they said.

31 May 2022
Oil & gas, Transport

LNG tankers: A ballooning ECA space?

ECA-backed non-cruise deals accounted for a total deal volume of $5 billion in the shipping sector in 2021. But that figure is expected to rise as the war in Ukraine...

19 May 2022

ECAs to propel cruise sector recovery

The impact of the suspension of cruising in 2020 had far-reaching effects across the sector, however a full recovery is on the horizon – with ECA support re-emerging as a...

10 May 2022

Commodity Trade Finance Survey 2022: Have your say...

TXF wants to hear from banks, brokers, insurers, traders and producers, to build an up-to-date picture of the commodity finance landscape in the fallout from the war in...

03 May 2022
Oil & gas, Renewables

Export Finance Research Report 2022: top 5 takeaways

TXF Intelligence's Export Finance Research Report 2022 presents the latest market trends in the export finance industry, delving into the challenges facing all sectors,...

14 April 2022

New TXF research shows banks are embracing sustainable deals

Banks are embracing sustainable deals according to results from this year's TXF export finance research survey, but corporates expect a hefty price reduction.

18 March 2022

Market calls for change: cut the minimum OECD premium for ESG projects

Lower minimum premium pricing for social/environmental projects is the most needed change to the OECD arrangement according to TXF's annual Export Finance Industry...

18 February 2022
Metals and Mining

Metallurgical and thermal coal: Different cokes for different folks?

Provisional results from TXF's annual Export Finance Industry Survey indicate that the retreat by export finance banks and ECAs from coal is very real. But it is also...

22 December 2021

TXF Awards – get involved!

As we run up to year-end 2021 we are now open for nominations for the TXF Deals of the Year for 2021. In addition, we are currently surveying for the Export Finance...

02 December 2021
Agri/Soft Commodities, Chemicals/Petrochemicals, Infrastructure, Manufacturing & equipment, Metals and Mining, Oil & gas, Other, Power, Renewables, Telecoms and Communications, Transport, Waste and water

TXF Export Finance Industry Survey 2022: Have your say

TXF wants to hear from ECAs, banks and borrowers, importers and exporters, in a bid to paint an up-to-date picture of the ECA landscape and garner marker sentiment via...

25 November 2021

Changhua 1: Taiwan's offshore wind mirrors European holdco finance

The approximately NT$75 billion ($2.67 billion) non-recourse multi-tranche holdco financing backing the acquisition of CDPQ and Cathay Private Equity’s 50% interest in...

22 September 2021

No more Libor: trade finance users unprepared for transition

There's just over three months to go until the first cessation of certain Libor rates. So why do corporate users of trade finance still have a long way to go in...

23 August 2021

Blended finance: a solution to the SDG funding puzzle?

Blended finance could be a significant part of the funding solution in meeting the UN's SDGs. But to pull in private sector investment in the volume needed, and the time...

06 August 2021
Oil & gas, Power, Renewables

CPRI: Opportunities and challenges in the green energy transition

With the importance of ESG-related finance firmly in the spotlight, the private market will increasingly be called on both to cover and, paradoxically, also to ignore the...

21 July 2021
Agri/Soft Commodities, Chemicals/Petrochemicals, Infrastructure, Metals and Mining, Oil & gas, Other, Power, Renewables, Telecoms and Communications, Transport, Waste and water

Stages for change: Epshteyn on working the other side of the same trade

“Commodities trade and finance contribute to a real economy, and it is empowering to feel as if you can enact a real change or understand how that change can be brought...

21 June 2021
Power, Renewables, Transport

Energy transition in Africa - part 2: ECAs up support for big-ticket African renewables

According to TXF Intelligence, 2020 marked a landmark year for large-scale ECA-backed renewable projects - with two such financial blueprints emerging. But this fledgling...