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03 August 2022

More countries pursue security of supply of critical minerals

The issue of critical mineral supply is widening as more countries consider putting in place a policy or strategy to maximise domestic and international value. Such...

01 August 2022

Full financing details emerge for CDPQ’s investment in Jebel Ali JV

Keen appetite is seen from international commercial banks in financing CDPQ’s joint venture investment in strategic infrastructure assets in Jebel Ali port in Dubai.

11 July 2022

UKEF raises the bar with clear focus on sustainability

In an exclusive interview with UK Export Finance CEO, Louis Taylor, he reveals how the UK agency has not only pushed the sustainability frontier further than many other...

15 June 2022

TXF Lisbon: Top takeaways and DoY awards results

We take a quick look at some of the top takeaways from the biggest gathering of the export and project finance community in the world, TXF Global Export, Agency and...

13 June 2022

Revving it up! TXF Export Finance Deals of the Year

Deals of the Year – the TXF Perfect 10 – are a time for celebration! Here, we reveal the winners of the Export Finance Deals of the Year, for transactions signed in 2021....

01 June 2022

Metals and mining at the crucial sustainability crossroads

In the push to decarbonisation and achieving greater sustainability, the metals and mining sector is very much in the spotlight. Many of the challenges are uphill and...

24 May 2022

CMOC Brazil secures $600m niobium PXF for security of strategic metal supply

A landmark deal for CMOC Brazil provides what is the largest structured commodity finance deal for niobium the market has seen, and demonstrates the importance of...

13 May 2022

Picking up speed! TXF Commodity Finance Deals of the Year

Deals of the Year – the TXF Perfect 10 – are a time for celebration! Here, we reveal the winners of the Commodity Finance Deals of the Year, for transactions signed in...

28 April 2022
Agri/Soft Commodities, Other

The harsh reality of the weaponisation of trade

With the war in Ukraine about to enter its third month, there is no sign of Russian military aggression abating. At the same time, turning off the gas tap to Poland and...

20 April 2022
Renewables, Transport

TXF Global Commodity Finance 2022: It’s a gas

To celebrate the launch of the events platform, and the fact we are three weeks out from TXF Global Commodity Finance 2022, TXF’s Aife Howse gets the inside scoop from...

12 April 2022
Agri/Soft Commodities, Manufacturing & equipment, Metals and Mining, Oil & gas, Renewables

Trade Finance TV: Powering a clean tomorrow

TXF Editor, Jonathan Bell joined Deutsche Bank to discuss whether it's possible to transition to net zero whilst maintaining energy supplies needed to keep up the output...

30 March 2022
Agri/Soft Commodities, Other

A most crucial time to debate commodity flows

The war in Ukraine has disrupted commodity flows significantly. What are the short- and medium-term implications for commodity supply chains? At the TXF Global Commodity...

16 March 2022

Trade Finance TV: How is sustainable export finance stepping up?

TXF Editor, Jonathan Bell joined Deutsche Bank to discuss how export credit agencies can step-up and improve the volume of current export finance deals being classed as...

03 March 2022
Agri/Soft Commodities, Infrastructure, Oil & gas, Power

Russia/Ukraine: economic fallout will be extreme!

Beyond the horrors and dreadful tragedies of the war in Ukraine there will be extreme economic fallout in the trade and investment space for many years to come. The...

23 February 2022
Metals and Mining

Rio Tinto’s workplace report shows toxic culture prevails

The publishing of some shocking statistics in Rio Tinto’s Report into workplace culture has sparked a much-needed discussion around the necessity of a cultural re-haul –...

02 February 2022
Power, Renewables

Sustainability in export finance – the push for change

The volume of sustainable deals within the export finance sector is growing. But to take this forward positively across all industrial sectors a sensible debate with a...

22 December 2021

TXF Awards – get involved!

As we run up to year-end 2021 we are now open for nominations for the TXF Deals of the Year for 2021. In addition, we are currently surveying for the Export Finance...

06 December 2021

TXF Global Trade Report 2021

TXF's global trade report 2021 is available to download now.

01 December 2021

Global trade system comes under greater scrutiny

With widespread disruptions in the trade supply chain and a growing trade finance gap, particularly impacting smaller businesses, a recently released report calls for...

03 November 2021

Private credit has a growing role in trade and commodity finance

A new research report from TXF Intelligence highlights the increasingly important role of private credit funds in the trade and commodity finance market.