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06 January 2022

Binh Nguyen: Small tickets; big regulatory hurdles

Sermsang Power sealed an innovative $35 million ECA-backed financing for its ground-mounted 50MW Binh Nguyen solar park in Vietnam at the end of 2021. But the more...

24 December 2021

Export finance: year-end review

The export credit agency (ECA) offering has evolved and proved ever resilient in 2021, with yet another buoyant year for the market. But there are still several updates -...

21 December 2021

EXIM Hungary closes most intense year in its 27-year operation

EXIM Hungary upped its lending activity and added new loan schemes to its product suites in 2021, and was also elected to the Berne Union Management Committee. TXF spoke...

09 December 2021

BU AGM: SERV's Suter and SACE's Gambelli talk shop

TXF spoke with Robert Suter, head of international relations & business policy at SERV, and Irene Gambelli, a senior adviser on international relations at SACE, in their...

06 December 2021

TXF Global Trade Report 2021

TXF's global trade report 2021 is available to download now.

25 November 2021

Changhua 1: Taiwan's offshore wind mirrors European holdco finance

The approximately NT$75 billion ($2.67 billion) non-recourse multi-tranche holdco financing backing the acquisition of CDPQ and Cathay Private Equity’s 50% interest in...

24 November 2021

TXF Madrid: Top takeaways

TXF’s top takeaways from the biggest gathering of the export and project finance community in the world, TXF Global 2021, are here.

16 November 2021

Ameropa and Nitron chase payment amid default on Ghana fertilizer deal

Two of the world’s largest fertilizer suppliers are chasing an almost $10 million default from a global reinsurer, in a case that illuminates the perils of using...

10 November 2021
Power, Renewables

COP-ious pledges to transform climate finance?

COP26 has marked a tectonic shift in the architecture of the global financial system to deliver net zero. But the next NDCs should be sooner than every five years to set...

03 November 2021
Chemicals/Petrochemicals, Oil & gas

Case study: Uzbekistan’s GTL project lays foundation for further ECA-backed industrial project financings

The success of the Uzbekneftegaz $3.6 billion GTL (gas-to-liquid) project – launching in early 2022 - paves the way for other major industrial projects in the country....

02 November 2021
Power, Transport

COP-out or green finance progress?

The plethora of pledges emerging apace from COP26 are expected to spur a spate of emerging market corporate issuance in the capital markets. But with green finance taking...

13 October 2021
Agri/Soft Commodities, Infrastructure, Manufacturing & equipment, Other, Power, Waste and water

ECAs up innovation and flexibility in Africa

Ahead of TXF Global in Madrid next week, Max Thompson takes a look at the increased innovation and flexibility ECAs are showing around the structure of export credits in...

29 September 2021

Time to worry on credit insurance or Relax-ay-voo?

Is there a wave of zombie companies and insolvencies coming in time for Halloween, insolvency tsunamis approaching, reservoirs to overflow in trade credit insurance, or...

28 September 2021
Power, Renewables

Kinguele Aval: A pure DFI debt template

The solely DFI-backed non-recourse debt package funding development of the Meridiam-led 35MW Kinguele Aval hydropower plant in Gabon is set to serve as viable financing...

23 September 2021

Private capital investors in trade finance – an asset manager’s perspective

Private capital within trade finance activity comes from a diverse range of participants. Today, there is increasing involvement from private credit funds within trade...

22 September 2021

Modernise OECD Arrangement to boost sustainability, ICC report urges

Modernising the OECD Arrangement, harmonising definitions, widening origination efforts, and leveraging blended finance opportunities are all critical to increasing the...

22 September 2021

No more Libor: trade finance users unprepared for transition

There's just over three months to go until the first cessation of certain Libor rates. So why do corporate users of trade finance still have a long way to go in...

16 September 2021
Agri/Soft Commodities

Olam: Revamping and showing resilience

Following its reorganisation last year, Olam has secured a massive $5.2 billion across three separate facilities to set its new operating groups in motion. With agri...

08 September 2021

Producers that tap project debt

From Vitol’s $7.9 billion Offshore Cape Three Points oil and gas project in Ghana five years ago to Geopacific Resources’ Woodlark gold project in Papua New Guinea this...

07 September 2021

Sudair: Cashing in on Saudi solar

An ACWA Power-led team sealed a tightly priced debt package to fund the 1.5GW Sudair solar PV project in mid-June. However, while the scheme marked the second lowest...